RED MEAT all aboard the synching ship from the secret files of max cannon
I bought this video tape of the Kennedy assassination at a bootleg store and watched it a coupla times, tryin' to figger out who shot him, but I got confused.
So I put on some Pink Floyd, which I like to do because it helps me think.
Now I got this new theory. See, I believe Kennedy was racin' towards an early grave when the sun was eclipsed by the moon--so's to where no one knew which was which and who was who--when the lunatic on the grassy knoll shouted, "There's room for you inside!" and gave the President a short, sharp shock. Now, Kennedy's head exploded with dark forbodings, too, but he never said he was afraid of for today, gone tomorrow, that was him! Dig it?
2003-05-08 14:09:00DELETEDBy Vitamin X

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4Too wordy.
2I could almost see this working spoken. In this format, blech. -PB
2Is this supposed to be funny? I'm not getting it -bbg
2No, I don't dig it. -DG
1You posted this?
1I may be hungry, but I sure aint weird
1Woah. I used to like Floyd, too. --poe117
1Eargh! *NC*

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