RED MEAT this charming manhole from the secret files of max cannon
Karen, step 9 of Alcoholics Anonymous requires me to make amends with those whom I have wronged, so I'm here to apologize to you.
Good! I hope you mean it!
Oh, I do, Karen. I only wish that I could rectify the harm I've brought upon your animals.
Why don't just you read this prayer I wrote for them?
To be honest, Karen, I don't think I have the serenity it would take to decipher your childish scribble.
I hate you, Milkman Dan!
2004-01-11 01:22:15DELETEDBy Vitamin X

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6Well written - except for Karen 2. But that's just being picky..crz
5Eh. Seems to be clutching at straws for a new form of meanness.
5Dan's scraping the bottom of the cruelty barrel here -IS

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