RED MEAT forty quakers and a mule from the secret files of max cannon
There you are! I tried calling you.
I know, it was my cell phone.
Did you turn off the ringer?
No, I set it on vibrate.
So why didn't you pick up?
I couldn't get it out of my rectum in time.
2007-05-20 20:26:18DELETEDBy Vitamin X

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8Hopelessly crude and non-meaty; but god help me, I laughed out loud. --OQP
6Oh. My. God. --TRT
6Decent but predictable Ted. Preloggy
5missing person isn't necessary for the joke
5Dunno about the rectum part
5Plodding, but with the nucleus of a good joke. -T.
1Why? --poe117

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