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0.011.63mime controlSoren
-1.061.66stupid you!ddot
-2.171.54SHOEHORN FOR THE SOULNumber44
-0.441.47waxing nostalgic in advanceSpoggles
0.341.75bones in the zonessjam
-0.732.02ROCK ME, MOTHER TERESANumber44
-0.111.55white hot mattelddot
-0.811.92IT'S LIKE BUTTAH!Number44
-0.591.78Heavy on the GravityDarth Waider
-0.011.81The Piltdown MonNat
-0.721.88Justice is sweet, but Toblerone tastes betterNat
-0.472.08Cash Cows for JesusNat
1.601.76The FallNat
0.951.90Buzz and BeakNat
0.431.72Smoking SwedesNat
-0.941.51Learn In HellNat
-0.151.45Neighbourhood SwatchNat
-1.501.97My Mongoliajkc
-0.241.5260 Miles of Blue AsphaltDavid J. Bianco
0.561.97version the last no reallyrictus hep
-0.331.50these sappy golden yearsDave Filippi
-0.371.48Extra Action TideGumGirl
-0.091.509 LivesGumGirl
-0.491.58DNA SampleGumGirl
-0.421.68Tofu ScrambleGumGirl
-0.922.38know why no howDarth Waider
-0.321.38Manchurian Takeout in Cardboard ContainersDavid J. Bianco
1.431.55ragtime in the rumpus roomSoren
0.141.54crunchy on the insideSoren
-1.272.29jeremiah johnson sings the bluesNumber44
-1.501.78tight as a twelve year old's bumNumber44
-0.462.39zima in nine new flavorsNumber44
0.951.69why buy the squirrel when the nuts are free?Soren
-0.591.61nighttime snifflin' sneezin'Ratboy
-0.241.85sensibility pure and simpleRatboy
-0.931.47solving a paltry geometric delimmaRatboy
-0.671.67la delimma geometriqueRatboy
-1.511.67lime space-craft?Ratboy
-1.402.57Just say NO2Ratboy
-0.991.78the sweet taste of insanityHITTKD
-0.721.52love poems from the devilHITTKD
0.691.47don't bury me, i'm not deadHITTKD
-1.092.31tongues of fire all 'roundSpoggles
-0.741.22you've got a lot to learn about rock 'n rolllibertine
-0.211.92real buttery taste in every bite.Neo
-0.341.52fry it up in a panlibertine
0.271.94discrete discreetbuzzard
-0.241.72Does this taste like mayonnaise to you?Devilman
0.141.27ebony and ironyDevilman
-0.421.35Humor in a brown paper envelope.Devilman
-0.991.88hurdy gurneySpoggles
-0.311.59Chopping Block PartyDevilman
-0.151.42Stays Firm in MilkDevilman
-0.141.75Nobody loves me. Not even Jesus.Devilman
-0.771.68100% real fruitNeo
-1.102.08you're so vainCrisper Than Thou
-0.911.63old farts still smellCrisper Than Thou
-0.751.77I did it my waydfan
0.351.42the cycle of life has no pedalsCrisper Than Thou
-0.111.34I'm like rubber, you're like glueCrisper Than Thou
-0.911.74have a clear job objective in mindCrisper Than Thou
-0.111.42Something-D-O-O EconomicsCrisper Than Thou
0.141.80life in the food chaindfan
-0.251.61in front of Mann's Chinese Theater 'n everything!Crisper Than Thou
-0.431.74step on the gasbuzzard
-0.061.87nothin' but a smiledfan
-0.171.31Hand me down genesJeff R
-0.611.73suburban subarubuzzard
0.811.50Golden YearsDevilman
-0.462.40Lolita of the Trailer ParkDevilman
-2.081.88talk to the handdfan
-0.591.55summer in the citydfan
-0.661.51venus de flytrapbuzzard
-0.681.59samson and deli meatbuzzard
-0.761.66the unbearable lightness of boingDave Filippi
0.441.59fresh quirts for little squirtsDave Filippi
-0.541.55a lethal dose of mind-macarenaDave Filippi
-0.501.43the information supercolliderlibertine
-0.011.62Twiggy takes on Miss PiggyDave Filippi
-0.711.66swedish flybuzzard
-0.701.24like his grandfather before him, only with a bigger arrest recordCrisper Than Thou
-0.091.71...makes my nipples hardJeff R
-0.441.71apple turnover in his graveCrisper Than Thou
0.241.32three-piece lawsuitbuzzard
-0.661.70scream of wheatbuzzard
0.991.62not sold in stores at any priceCrisper Than Thou
-0.601.63a christmas meatrolllilith
-0.371.60sunday sunday monsterrrr trucksjulius
-0.801.77pickled herring and whitefishjulius
0.151.42what dreams may comejulius
-0.701.85true to itselflilith
-0.961.73a fine line between right and wronglibertine
-0.851.79special prosecutor's favorite comicHorselover Fat
-0.451.78silverfish dinnerHorselover Fat
1.301.66phlegm for everybodyHorselover Fat
-0.481.33the comic that's no better than the pixels it's printed onHorselover Fat
-1.401.88president pastacatbear
-0.511.55a snitch in timecatbear
-0.921.37nudge nudge wink winklilith
-0.511.60lurking in the wireslilith
-0.981.83cognitive dissonancelibertine
-0.881.67sounds like...libertine
-0.381.39idea by karenVeep
-0.571.63teacher's petVeep
0.321.28high-speed disimpactionSoren
-0.491.57there's always room for Jell-Olibertine
0.301.49true-life travel tipHorselover Fat
0.331.44subdued pudding frenzySoren
-0.261.43home againcatbear
-0.431.28burned againcatbear
-0.931.63leather and laceRevHippie
-0.871.68sweet jesus on a stickSpoggles
-0.211.33pest strip teaseHorselover Fat
-0.891.48fresh choad for your heavy loadSmokey
-0.171.74two quarts of pretty colorsSmokey
-0.481.80better off not readHorselover Fat
-0.561.44nose hairs in your souffleeHorselover Fat
0.351.37hot bloodedVeep
-0.211.45the color of painVeep
-1.181.47tcs@b, v2Spoggles
-0.411.56pre-chewed lude, dudeSmokey
-0.501.60nux vomica vobiscumHorselover Fat
-0.941.76cf. sec. 4(a)(iii) para. 2Horselover Fat
-0.151.35the friend, the dog, the cat, and the ratSpoggles
0.171.71won't stick to most dental workSmokey
-0.701.50Chicks Dig Religious ZealotsDevilman
-0.471.640340 in the house of sinRevHippie
-0.381.41supposed former incubation junkieVeep
1.272.28dangerous lesionsVeep
-1.072.15let's keep those hands above the tableHorselover Fat
-0.171.69at the bottom of the humor chainHorselover Fat
-0.161.63shake me, bake me, rack me, smack meVeep
-0.791.32see you round like a pentagramSmokey
-0.441.83watching the watchmen watch us watch themSpoggles
-1.951.98the half life of an elfSpoggles
-2.001.96Ethereal perturbations in my beer bottle and my square rootAndrea.B.Previtera
0.361.90Climbing the herikostaidernomatonnAndrea.B.Previtera
0.681.48A big helping of salvation in every biteDevilman
-1.231.68You're a good man, Charlie Brown. Reeeally good.Devilman
-0.511.78Does this smell bad?happyboy
-1.261.48between a roc and a hard plaiceDarth Waider
0.561.57Sucking the marrow out of lifeVeep
0.261.36the refuse I can't refuseVeep
1.031.71what goes upThe Light In Chains
0.001.59stars and barslibertine
-0.952.00meringue merenguebuzzard
0.441.60Fortified with 8 Essential Vitaminshappyboy
0.201.64la lucha luncheonSoren
-0.561.74Martha Stewart makes a dandy gimpHorselover Fat
-0.411.24Inna gotta la vita locaHorselover Fat
-0.531.39Holy roman candleHorselover Fat
-0.361.69Boot to the head of the classHorselover Fat
0.111.70KITTENS!! ON FIRE!!Horselover Fat
-0.791.29Capybaras make excellent pudding.Horselover Fat
-0.241.74Intensive Care VacationHorselover Fat
-0.091.60Catwoman a la modeHorselover Fat
-1.061.71Trojan Horse CondomsHorselover Fat
-0.351.95General Tso's choked chicken.Horselover Fat
-0.231.57Strange Gel in a Strange Hand.Horselover Fat
-0.461.58micturation nationrictus hep
0.051.62gut milk?rictus hep
0.061.58walk the balkDinosaur
-0.131.41Take me out at the ballgame.Horselover Fat
-0.591.60Birthday caked underwearHorselover Fat
-0.591.62Blue Moon CheeseHorselover Fat
-0.041.29it's not the ballet that kills yourictus hep
-0.421.81A friend is a terrible thing to wasteHorselover Fat
-0.351.58Have a nice nightmare.Horselover Fat
0.211.60aurora borealis? you barely know usrictus hep
-0.411.24mas macho que donutsrictus hep
-0.661.66Electric sex machinedrood
-0.401.81Head in the classHorselover Fat
-0.981.97It's a mystery wrapped in bodybagHorselover Fat
-0.322.21cabbages and kingstrick
-0.331.63Supa Milkman sushi happy happy 100%Horselover Fat
-0.441.48Flag off!Horselover Fat
-0.311.66Thunder HosHorselover Fat
-0.031.37Christmas beerdrood
-0.821.37Calling AAA collect.Horselover Fat
-0.921.54New England Puppy ChowderHorselover Fat
-0.531.30illicit tranks from the polluted-meme banksDave Filippi
-1.161.70true stories from infamous peopleDave Filippi
-0.792.14popcorn quiz, hotshotHorselover Fat
-1.281.832 kibbles and bitsHorselover Fat
-0.951.50Watch the atomic birdieHorselover Fat
0.391.54You have the right to remain soylent.Horselover Fat
-0.721.56Saving Private Parts and Major WoodyHorselover Fat
0.831.81One Size Fits AllSoren
-0.241.76Paging Dr. FaustHorselover Fat
-0.021.20The silence of the lamb chopsHorselover Fat
-0.461.33Welcome to the Mattress, NeoHorselover Fat
0.421.81give it all a little pat of SATAN!rictus hep
-0.071.54duct tape for your date raperictus hep
-1.181.56Liar, liar, pants on nitroglycerineHorselover Fat
-1.151.58Pyros for pornosHorselover Fat
-0.821.80winning the smelling beeHorselover Fat
0.181.61if it's not nailed downpmalone
0.231.29kittens made into mittensThe Light In Chains
0.672.04Snapping pennants over the napping penitentsThe Light In Chains
0.981.27Stalking the wily memeThe Light In Chains
0.151.50Lead lined charisma briefcaseThe Light In Chains
-1.131.42is this thing on?citizenx
-1.281.55The bitter pill with the taste of swill.Gospog
-0.071.34The staccato beat of raining meat.Gospog
-0.141.58Kibbles and GritsChickenCow
-0.281.24Thanks and SpanksChickenCow
-0.381.44Dollars to donut pillowsChickenCow
-0.462.24Pico de LecheChickenCow
-0.481.26Likee me bikee?ChickenCow
0.391.67"bacony" - resembling baconChickenCow
-0.031.75Quivering on the End of the ForkMalaVelho
-0.231.33Homage to FromagePreloggy
-0.011.61Don't Go Breaking My HeartburnPreloggy
0.161.41Filler Up with High OctanePreloggy
-0.171.71Light the Trip FantasticPreloggy
0.141.88amber waves of painChickenCow
-0.321.67Until we meat agin...Gospog
1.411.69chafin' like a bearChickenCow
0.321.52Business as Usual SuspectsPreloggy
-1.231.82The surprising squeek that makes you peekGospog
-0.561.73Pirates of Piss-antsChickenCow
0.051.23The sound of one hand slapping.Gospog
-0.201.31haitosis and neurosesPreloggy
0.431.14gizzards, gadzooks and gadfliesPreloggy
0.201.38Floater in the deep end.Gospog
0.491.45non nuclear family proliferation treatyPreloggy
0.251.34spoon swoon moon june goonPreloggy
0.321.26testicular fortitude for the dudePreloggy
-0.101.13It's not the meat, it's the humidity.Gospog
-0.181.37Meat the press. Press the meat?Gospog
-0.291.33It's not Rockette scienceThe Light In Chains
0.181.75derailed gravy trainChickenCow
-0.141.16knee-jerk chemical reactionChickenCow
0.181.41shiver me timbersChickenCow
0.741.46Deep thoughtsGar
0.671.55It's beginning to smell a lot like Christmas.Gar
0.361.50Birds turn brown and fall from trees.Gar
0.501.62bogus bovines beware balloonsPreloggy
0.311.72writ of habeus corpsesChickenCow
0.031.39It was a perfect day.Gar
0.091.21inexpensive soy extender from s. koreaPreloggy
-0.481.22Toasted Cheesehead SandwichThe Light In Chains
0.131.72deck the halls with Uncle CharlieChickenCow
0.321.30phlegm coating and chewy wafersPreloggy
0.461.38The Neutron Dancescullyman5000
-0.131.43bladder control freaksPreloggy
0.071.27doleful doledrums dasterdly deedsPreloggy
0.741.47sasquatch where your going!scullyman5000
0.091.33narc, the lookout angels cry!scullyman5000
-0.191.44blatent, latent and impotentPreloggy
0.171.49chipmunks roasting on an open pyrezenmaster
-0.181.30don't be a soren loserMalaVelho
0.111.26Father knows breasts.Gar
0.581.20Verbal punching bag.Gar
0.091.41Community WatchGar
0.171.23It's a long way home.Gar
-0.141.65Contains NutsThe Light In Chains
0.161.44balderdash and cookie doughPreloggy
0.151.22everytime a bell rings, somebody gives me a 3scullyman5000
0.541.27The Savoury Squeezings of Leftover MeatThe Light In Chains
0.701.56pipe bomb dreamsPreloggy
0.221.71mission imperceptiblezenmaster
0.211.36mutatis mutandiszenmaster
0.201.34veterinary incontinencezenmaster
0.041.59ramadan toughscullyman5000
0.381.33Secrete, SantaThe Light In Chains
0.291.62Only users loose drugs.Gar
-0.011.17Earl had to die.Gar
0.141.50gelatin in your arterial wallPreloggy
0.631.32Thank you, Cleavland!scullyman5000
0.651.38Whipped cream in the bloodstreamThe Light In Chains
1.141.74Simplify, Simplify, Semper FiThe Light In Chains
0.901.42lower mental casePreloggy
-0.171.85Pictures of matchstick men and Earlscullyman5000
0.051.18Oysters on the Open RangeSoren
0.291.36Wild elephantitis of the Serenghettiscullyman5000
0.451.24Razing AlabamaThe Light In Chains
-0.281.52masticating on your meat farmPreloggy
-0.161.43I'm proud to be a cold minor's motherscullyman5000
0.391.08love to hear the goblin goin' tweet tweet tweetKodiak
0.681.25Crackuccino offers lifeline for caffeine intolerantThe Light In Chains
-0.191.18stained presidential cabinetPreloggy
0.261.12Glass and StealGar
-0.241.32malignant, greasy tumors in your colonPreloggy
0.421.23crankase full of sheep dipPreloggy
-0.221.32flaccid cheese sauce on your tacoPreloggy
-0.211.11Bring me my circumsicsion saw Pt 1Pirate
0.171.30Bring me my circumsicsion saw Pt 2Pirate
0.151.62It's Stab-tastic 2.0Pirate
-0.241.22itchy fingers on the goPreloggy
-0.121.70road rash hash (Soren)Soren
-0.201.58Bisquick in my BIOSzenmaster
-0.061.86road rash hash (ChickenCow)ChickenCow
-0.261.29Ignore the tiny crop circles in your ciliam_cammarano
0.131.34arctic circle jerkChickenCow
0.051.29C-7... Rook to Hairy Bishop...ChickenCow
0.221.42bag lady on your manicured lawnPreloggy
0.021.63Garbage barge off Humor's coast (rewrite)m_cammarano
-0.941.69Out of charm's waym_cammarano
0.721.15Blame it on the boogeymanThe Light In Chains
0.240.95doctor in the house of pancakesPreloggy
0.211.69The jellied gristle in your giggle porridgem_cammarano
0.381.47sleazy weasles catch the measlesPreloggy
0.471.22SUV RadiationThe Light In Chains
0.451.31Befriend a bookGar
0.251.28Breaking the law.Gar
0.191.27Plump dumplings of moist bedevilmentm_cammarano
-1.061.87Maximum schnitzel overdrivem_cammarano
-0.301.39tokyo cheese nipsPreloggy
0.391.40Crouching Tigger, Hidden KangaThe Light In Chains
0.361.14Castor oil in your master coil (rewrite)The Light In Chains
0.191.38tepid pool of your own filthPreloggy
0.611.75Soothing salve for sore funnybonesm_cammarano
0.160.88 wonka's everlasting gob (crisper and wuzless)Temperance
-0.091.18wholly cowEnriquez
0.151.49that's not special sauceEnriquez
0.131.11my yo-yo could write a better comicTemperance
-0.431.74mullet the blue skyEnriquez
-0.431.20the silence will destroy you....loudly.Hipgnosis
-0.301.43all your freebase belong to gusPreloggy
0.101.65ooga booga rah rah rah V 1.2ChickenCow
-0.292.58I know, I know... it's vile.ChickenCow
-0.201.24anoraknophobia diagnosisTemperance
0.241.50my computer's silicon implantTemperance
-0.181.34submitted for your approvalPreloggy
-0.451.47Sarcophagus full of esophagus sausagesm_cammarano
0.001.15Bar Stool SampleThe Light In Chains
-0.131.13my eyes! the goggles, they do nothing!ChickenCow
0.351.05crouching kitten, hidden meaningPreloggy
0.341.80sirius discussion about uranusTemperance
-0.241.17West of the tacosThe Light In Chains
0.251.35fondling puppies behind the shed (Gar)Gar
-0.381.41fondling puppies behind the shed (Open 2692, by Rakfink)m_cammarano
-0.511.39fondling puppies etc. - Enriquez styleEnriquez
0.321.50Fndling Puppies behind the shed--Scullyscullyman5000
-0.551.08loose lip sync shipsEnriquez
0.511.05All Dogs Go to OvenThe Light In Chains
-0.691.41marvel my assPreloggy
-0.401.26mackin' economicsHipgnosis
-0.501.23e pluribus eunichPreloggy
-0.322.12muffin-shaped puffinSquad Car
0.501.42It's a sick, sick worldGar
0.051.52The Pencil-Thin Moustache From Beyond!Squad Car
0.961.52Mary Catherine Digs MargarineSquad Car
0.051.29...makes baby Jesus cryTemperance
-0.181.62dot compostPreloggy
0.051.33birdie in the blenderTemperance
0.031.12tips for teensPreloggy
0.011.43Mountain StewGar
0.071.14Geek grrls make fun of my floppy diskm_cammarano
0.551.55Capybara chimichangam_cammarano
-0.172.20Lemon Pledge driveHouse of Eeyore
0.392.03My little Jack ChickadeeSquad Car
0.371.58Rene Descartes BlancHouse of Eeyore
0.021.59Orangina Proudly Presents My AssHouse of Eeyore
0.141.43warm cream on your overcoatPreloggy
-0.091.59cheese with your industrial disesePreloggy
0.071.26Plump dumplings of moist bedevilment (rewrite)Soren
0.231.32eyes cream coneTemperance
-0.381.11Peta Pita Pitter PatterHipgnosis
0.401.16wyatt earp'ed in the saddle againTemperance
0.181.10itchy tush, smelly fingersPreloggy
0.521.45flipping the bird, fantastic (spellcheck)Preloggy
-0.182.20smelly bait for your first mateSoren
1.361.71and your little dog, tooVaca
1.091.59white man's bourbonHangdog
-0.211.49bang a gongGar
0.320.93squatting on linoleumPreloggy
0.521.57openRMCS #2872herpules
0.131.02openRMCS #2780herpules
-0.031.82openRMCS #2068herpules
0.091.82the vacuous veins of villianyPreloggy
0.671.17make mine minkGar
0.581.32the bleeding abcess on the gums of comedyVaca
-0.221.80left my religion in my other pantsPreloggy
-0.241.54hop along vaselineChickenCow
0.221.22speed bumps in your underwearPreloggy
0.411.11more peeps humor (I use the term loosely)ChickenCow
0.191.41largish, lavish living roomSquad Car
-0.201.21blasting cap on the un-funny bombgroovintodigweed
0.671.26the cruel crawling foamVaca
0.581.39the results of low blood sugar and five wasted minutesgroovintodigweed
-0.061.11truman capote's a human coyoteHangdog
0.161.17a pound of fleshVaca
-0.151.96pat faxes flat taxesherpules
0.171.03A coffee break for SisyphusThe Light In Chains
0.151.17plop, plop, fizz, whizPreloggy
-0.051.33days of future gas passedPreloggy
0.011.09bunt with your c*ntChickenCow
0.641.21Fighting the prophylaxis powersm_cammarano
-0.301.21big man on compassPreloggy
-0.230.84mangling participleszenmaster
0.081.54Boo says...What???zenmaster
0.151.00iambic rants in latex pantstwin4fifteez
-0.451.47beer-soaked clothing in Las Vegas (NM)twin4fifteez
-0.141.65leave 'em alone, williams?Vaca
0.271.44drop your goo on the looPreloggy
0.421.60the pungent aroma of the permanent comagroovintodigweed
0.561.09dancing to that apocalypso beatVaca
-0.031.11oakenfold origamigroovintodigweed
-0.021.50newly reformulated and lemony-freshVaca
0.130.94the tremulous heights of inanityVaca
-0.201.79the resurrected building of wisened subservienceHouse of Eeyore
0.221.41Seduced by the dork side of the farceJohntheAuthor
-0.361.74The only reason I exercise is to hear heavy breathing againJohntheAuthor
0.061.09California brown-out rollsSquad Car
-0.131.44semi self-concious, fully self-delusionalSquad Car
0.861.32the contagion spreads inexorablyVaca
1.291.76roto-rooter roustaboutSoren
0.601.17helicopter bungee jumping (remade Open 104)Temperance
0.251.21the secret gordonThe Light In Chains
0.111.06flummoxed flan lummoxHouse of Eeyore
0.271.12pickled midgets campaigning for tooth carePreloggy
0.771.21blocking insanity as your mind looks for an open receiverVaca
0.771.17livin' la vida lo-calRakfink
-0.131.77OpenRMCS #4312Soren
-0.161.40flogging further the feline fallenherpules
-0.262.14lord, please forgive me for what I am about to postSoren
0.601.07scraped from the ashes of fink's fireplaceTemperance
-0.261.63gloating over Kosher gonadsPreloggy
0.331.19we all live in a yellow sub's latrinegroovintodigweed
0.641.33turn your head andy kauf, manSquad Car
0.011.17getting jiggy with cousin itHipgnosis
0.501.37open toad water moccasinsRakfink
-0.031.14a pot of lips nowPreloggy
0.101.32a million tiny voices demanding to be heardVaca
-0.031.12Torpedos in SpeedosRakfink
0.541.25exhibiting frustration towards one crustaceanRakfink
0.351.15empty gravy boatsPreloggy
0.341.36cruising for a bruising on the autobahnannagroovintodigweed
0.401.01new, improved zyclon-b. kid tested, mother approved!Hipgnosis
-0.111.27the bastard son of a thousand keanes, rewriteVaca
0.401.00dairy full of rewritesHouse of Eeyore
0.481.12kappa cow gang-purgetwin4fifteez
0.011.05letting the pox guarding the zenhouseHouse of Eeyore
0.071.26pedestrian at best. version 3.0groovintodigweed
0.181.02for he's a folly good jelloHouse of Eeyore
0.681.14plaster disasterVaca
0.631.44stars upon thars'Soren
-0.361.29pulling muscles from MichellePreloggy
-0.121.38the norman fell ratioSquad Car
-0.381.15converting to the preachedPreloggy
-0.111.38spam on the lamPreloggy
0.451.20OpenRMCS #4641Soren
0.071.41slappin' the shrimp on Barbie (the grill next door).Rakfink
0.071.18toluene in your fog machinetwin4fifteez
-0.191.24it's all downhill from hereVaca
-0.171.46Spam on the lam, woah black bettyThe Light In Chains
0.031.78spam on van dammeherpules
0.141.41spam of the la....just listened to a commentgroovintodigweed
0.281.23my kingdom for a couple bucksVaca
0.101.29riddle me this, batmanVaca
-0.221.40Say that we're sweethearts again!JillSwift
-0.060.9910 Murphy's Stouts in the clip. fire away at funnygroovintodigweed
-0.351.27pop tarts for your blowholePreloggy
0.401.41subcutaneous humor gets under my skinJillSwift
0.101.25regarding a joke that will never have the right punchline.groovintodigweed
0.071.28lemme give this shower thang a shotVaca
0.091.07balance of power showerThe Light In Chains
-0.051.28shower failureSquad Car
0.271.12flower children in hardcore bee flicks (contest)Temperance
-0.201.29old gag, new trixThe Light In Chains
0.331.46blender bender rerenderzenmaster
0.691.233600 seconds in an hour (old Open)Reoer
0.591.20and you're gonna float there and like itherpules
-0.131.65Return to Balti-S'mores!Squad Car
-0.231.34pitch a little woo, low and outsidePreloggy
-0.401.30links on your e-motionsPreloggy
0.031.18voodoo practitioners make for good pin doctorsHouse of Eeyore
-0.051.66extraordinarily popular delusionsherpules
0.141.19she swiped the peace pipeReoer
0.261.22fry the fanny for your nannyPreloggy
0.251.26getting scalped at Custer's last lemonade stand.Rakfink
-0.621.79post ilness reconstructionalismJillSwift
-0.201.36I know you are, but what am I?Preloggy
0.151.27Shower repost to take it off Temp's handsReoer
0.271.10may we do with?Andrew K Suber
0.231.19three dog fight (edit)Vaca
0.581.34carp shootSquad Car
0.281.06scintilating sensation of anal abrasion, one moreVaca
0.151.33sugarglider bee sting smilegroovintodigweed
0.081.20the wages of sin are $5 an hour plus tipsTom Swift
0.671.52damaged godsThe Light In Chains
-0.180.88walking erectPreloggy
-0.271.27curious curio of carnageTemperance
-0.161.54springs and barrels of outrageous foreskinReoer
-0.181.36Earl, with a swirl of your favorite girlgroovintodigweed
0.361.15here's looking at you, KITTVaca
0.691.58republican party in my pants, and everyone's indictedherpules
0.011.30men, i'm eminemHangdog
0.271.33we'll always have parasitesVaca
0.461.17rock over london, rock on chicagoVaca
0.012.08hungry hungry herpesherpules
0.171.29cheers to spearsHouse of Eeyore
0.441.53omnes gentes plauditeGar
-0.311.27Sippin' on Gin and Juice SoupMinja
0.221.28Gremlin Fever! Catch It!Minja
0.641.31natural born pillars of the communityherpules
0.401.42rolling stone temple pilots iii: the li'l rat skullsHangdog
0.141.54a drybed of tie-dyed salmon deadheadsHouse of Eeyore
0.191.28we're goin' to the yellow brick roadhouseHangdog
-0.041.47101 Claymations, Take 2Minja
0.071.40cyanoacrylate neonateSquad Car
0.311.73pretty as a pitcherSquad Car
0.171.45The Dukes of EarlVorro
0.051.40Yellow snow bunniesVorro
0.091.21on-going bongo-ingHangdog
-0.141.57give me a desk jobPreloggy
0.181.56eat bugsherpules
0.051.40steak 'n' shake 'n' bacon bitsSquad Car
-0.111.10requiescat in pace carThe Light In Chains
0.071.11rolling down the river of blood IIVaca
0.241.12my beer gets more head than i doTemperance
0.321.22Stripey pygmy zebra molluscsBagHead
0.741.39bureaucratic gadget grip, and other black lung referencesherpules
1.181.54Hulk just want to GET SMASHEDBagHead
0.081.25There's a revised pantoum in your sestinaBagHead
0.161.28The agony and, well, the agonyBagHead
0.541.79a little ditty 'bout jackin' dianeSquad Car
0.691.35Billy bass boatBagHead
0.311.26speak softly and carry a big bullhornVaca
-0.502.07hey, what's this "save" button do...herpules
0.151.33eeyorian cancerHouse of Eeyore
0.191.34time travel pair o' docsThe Light In Chains
0.091.23burn baby burn (in my disco inferno)Vaca
-0.161.17farts of naturehappyboy
0.361.22born to run in terrorVaca
0.011.54A clone again, naturallyPreloggy
0.111.28playboy vs. the gay boygroovintodigweed
-0.031.07voyage au bout de la nuitAndrew K Suber
0.081.58get your dander up for the loving cupJamie
-0.301.95don't lick bjork in angerherpules
-0.111.37silky anger (rewrite)Andrew K Suber
-0.051.04terror for the terrierTemperance
0.061.11legions of 'wegians from the boreal regionsHangdog
0.431.08stain pimple toilets in concertThe Light In Chains
0.241.28the bridgework of miami-dade countyVaca
0.281.36what would jesus do for a klondike bar?House of Eeyore
-0.081.29A square pig in a round holeBagHead
-0.151.46the swellegant universeJamie
0.231.31pappa roach hotel californiaHangdog
0.291.32There's a dead man on the other end of this megaphoneBagHead
0.251.32comic strip teaseTom Swift
0.351.38felonious monkAndrew K Suber
0.161.23Redone skidmarks on the kitchen floorBagHead
-0.061.33is it gonna be you and me forever? (oh oh oh)Vaca
0.141.68first clown in after the big top falls, i guess...Hangdog
0.121.41starting the squealing processHouse of Eeyore
0.111.51We all live in a Meatball SubmarineVorro
0.301.24yuletide yamsDr. Roliman
-0.381.50wagon wheels when we wishDr. Roliman
-0.211.59Morning Radio gag stealThe Light In Chains
0.081.39Charles MonroeVorro
0.301.27That's one large french fryBagHead
0.281.09evil to the corpsVaca
-0.171.36Pond scum on the surface of the mindBagHead
-0.111.45touch me I'm DickVaca
0.281.30There's a tractor on my ballsBagHead
0.241.33row row row your bloat, vacaVaca
0.541.33jihad a baby it's a boyHouse of Eeyore
0.161.42Peek a Boo! Part twoPreloggy
-0.091.12TV be thy GuidePreloggy
-0.191.32Melted Choco-shorts 2.0Pirate
-0.131.23Parasites beats two pairPreloggy
-0.121.25flowers for algebraPreloggy
-0.111.32armpit gravyPreloggy
-0.101.70teen esprit de corpsVorro
-0.191.15darryl licked the derelictsHouse of Eeyore
0.411.30Never Rub Another Man's RhubarbPreloggy
-0.631.71thinking man's bidetm_cammarano
0.341.05You know, ze monkey schtuffBagHead
-0.241.73I've gotta take a Cheese WhizPreloggy
0.021.34Open 5936: Stamp collecting on Park PlaceAfgncaap
-0.141.56Open 6099: X-men!Afgncaap
0.271.00white wine spritzer for your underage sistergroovintodigweed
0.661.38Open 9475: The strip with Tourette's Syndrome AND sporadic aphasiBernt Pancreas
0.241.33Open 9594: Night of the Living Dead HorseBernt Pancreas
-0.191.37Tie me up and call me spanky!Afgncaap
0.271.48With a Lever 2000 big enough, I could lather the world(revis)Bernt Pancreas
0.361.17Zoot suit scoot boogieBagHead
0.521.43weird scenes inside Rube GoldbergBernt Pancreas
0.731.66Open 9430: Purge of GlurgeBernt Pancreas
0.181.14Atomically correctBagHead
-0.090.96Rocky and KabulwinklePreloggy
0.281.52comedy set to warped factor 10Tom Swift
0.021.28Inspected by number 9...number 9...BagHead
0.001.10the pause that refreshesschizoguy
0.341.26Glengary, Glen CampbellBernt Pancreas
0.141.45running to the beating of a different bullyBernt Pancreas
0.281.09The milk of human blindnessThe Light In Chains
-0.451.90the fox and the honda (clarification)Vaca
0.521.15delusions of adequacyVaca
0.121.45Dairy air from your derriereVorro
0.831.12ending your banging with a whimperBernt Pancreas
1.211.66The Agony and the X-BoxBernt Pancreas
-0.371.20ho ho ho, green giantChickenCow
0.631.06If Ella Fitzgerald married Darth VaderPreloggy
0.611.55Bali jai alaiSquad Car
0.641.47the eyes of Blistex are upon youBernt Pancreas
0.121.51Me and my ShadenfreundeBernt Pancreas
0.111.12ecce homogenous (wrong bark right tree)Vaca
0.061.31desultory defecationsMingelover
0.301.48hep a brotha ootChickenCow
-0.351.37veja duMingelover
0.011.50silly strands of semenMingelover
-0.261.56shouting obscenities at deaf peopleMingelover
0.601.18toasting a toad's turdsgroovintodigweed
0.011.45fun for the whole pharmacyherpules
0.311.19I remember dioramaBernt Pancreas
0.331.07having a fling with a cold chicken winggroovintodigweed
0.021.41grown up klismaphilia listzenmaster
-0.391.12-1 for unoriginal taglineKodiak
0.351.08Killing the instant messenger for the messageBernt Pancreas
-0.141.09defunct debaucheryMingelover
0.231.02defunct debauchery (Preloggy Edit)Preloggy
0.271.08defunct debauchery (Pancreatic build)Bernt Pancreas
0.301.13christmas evilMingelover
0.411.02I Can't Believe It's Not ButtocksPreloggy
-0.041.15the white elephant of comedyVaca
-0.100.94Deck the Halls with Santa's BallsPreloggy
0.431.11Spanking the baboon's bottomBagHead
0.051.11Chattanooga cheshire chimichangaBagHead
-0.111.06spleen is a thing with feathersOrganLeroy
0.761.42Leggo My EgoPreloggy
0.261.00Ooo! That smarts.Afgncaap
-0.242.13Ooo! That smarts (Vaca).Vaca
0.261.29Tonto es muy inteligente (reworded by suggestion)BagHead
-0.121.12Civilization and its malcontentsBagHead
0.401.37Open 9554: refreshing Necro WafersBernt Pancreas
0.291.29Meet your own build (revised)BagHead
1.241.52Damned if you doo-be-doo (do-over)The Light In Chains
-0.201.24helter skeletorherpules
0.741.70Atlas FartedVorro
0.171.10Hex bin laden editor (non pirated edition)Bernt Pancreas
0.351.12Baby baboon meets his dream girl (REVISED)BagHead
-0.081.34Tobey or not Tobey MaguirePreloggy
0.341.19Tequila MockingbirdTom Swift
0.441.20Tequila Mockingbird (Vorro's going to hell Remix)Vorro
0.171.54Tequila Mockingbird (Bernt by hellfire)Bernt Pancreas
0.101.27vodka mockingbirdHouse of Eeyore
0.101.12camels that love to humpgroovintodigweed
0.261.64scorbutical shenanigansMingelover
0.061.14alas, babblezenmaster
0.281.21No rest for the Denis Leary (by suggestion)Bernt Pancreas
0.261.41tequlia mockingbird (vaca, for the hell of it)Vaca
0.711.22Best weed in the shireBagHead
0.231.07soldier of fortune cookie (revisited)Bernt Pancreas
0.231.48as fresh as the day it was abortedMingelover
0.291.25Flurries of FlatulenceNightengail
0.261.08Lord of the Nipple ringsPreloggy
0.291.01crazed and defused (rewrite)Mingelover
-0.151.56The Fountain HidPreloggy
0.571.33incensed and pepper sprayedBernt Pancreas
0.301.16comes in your mouth, not in your handsVaca
-0.191.52talk to the elbow (the hand's not listening) [spellcheck]Vaca
-0.291.41He shoots, he scarsPreloggy
0.320.93welcome to the karaoke machineNightengail
0.681.41Ooh, he's got a chubby tumtumBagHead
0.351.11short stack of sorrowcakesHouse of Eeyore
0.951.54more fetid than feted (4th revised)Reverend Toast
0.211.27Slipped DiscworldBernt Pancreas
-0.121.19beat your own meatTom Swift
-0.201.45float like a hovercraft, sting like a bladder infectionReverend Toast
0.281.15Peon, Piaf- The Peer!Bernt Pancreas
-0.151.21Build your own damn meatBagHead
0.121.15Hungry hungry hippies (REVISED)BagHead
-0.561.58the vague fugueMingelover
0.321.10Vague in the HagueThe Light In Chains
-0.161.58chevy vaguezenmaster
0.280.89The Quiet StormtrooperNightengail
-0.801.64There's no excuse for domestic beer (revised)Reverend Toast
-0.541.96vague in William HagueTom Swift
0.461.34Latest rearrangement of puccini's greatest hitsBagHead
0.131.24Do not look directly at the funny.Reverend Toast
-0.381.50Tragicly ludicrous or ludicrously tragic?Reverend Toast
-0.741.44Aspartame is a part of me. (slightly revised)Reverend Toast
-0.121.04perfect tetris does not a perfect man make.Reverend Toast
-0.151.05building a nude world orderTom Swift
0.461.21Raiders of the lost arkansas (open 12017)BagHead
0.070.96gives baby jesus gasherpules
0.251.30it's got a good beat and you can dance to itVaca
-0.071.04act-fancer cybernetic hyper weaponMingelover
-0.031.28debits and credits in the ledger of lovegroovintodigweed
0.611.31The Steve Jackson FiveSoren
-0.131.16i immune gen, an a loose yaMingelover
0.000.85a caper on paperMingelover
-0.661.72Piercing Abe VigodaReverend Toast
-0.151.27you'll look sweet upon the seat of a bisexual made for twoTom Swift
0.470.94Vanilla thunder and spleen boyBagHead
0.610.95Temporary inanityBagHead
-0.731.73the truth about pussy and bitchesSquad Car
-0.101.24stained and deliveredMingelover
0.011.58No comprende the endePreloggy
-0.051.04deadly game of cat and blenderherpules
-0.081.39one for the honey, two for the ho ho hoTom Swift
0.331.31If the baby doesn't like the milk, you should boil itBagHead
-0.451.15moo-ve alongVaca
-0.251.45A Mootiful BindPreloggy
0.600.96Winchester CatheterizationBernt Pancreas
0.671.26look upon my works and despiseBernt Pancreas
0.471.37Ventriloquism for DummiesPreloggy
-0.111.01greatest thing since briced sleadMingelover
-0.191.34jukebox for mimesBernt Pancreas
0.111.44The empire smokes crackpete
0.071.06No Brainers Give Me HeadachesPreloggy
0.321.10Stuck in a runaway grocery cartBagHead
0.091.72My grandma can beat up your grandma(REVISED)pete
0.851.36burning the night awayVaca
0.041.37wheeler dealer coldsore healerqlewless1
0.151.38jehovah's witness in contempt of courtGar
0.271.41the five-egg comedy omeletteVaca
0.221.20writing a wrongMingelover
-3.241.21whoooooReverend Toast
-0.021.09Stay a while, oenophileDeath Goat
0.281.15comedy from beyondVaca
0.190.87spit up on by Jeffy, age 2Bernt Pancreas
0.161.44Nat King ColdDeath Goat
-0.161.17trickle-down urinomicsVaca
-0.171.49A Dutiful GrindJamie
0.051.47where have all your base gone? long time passing...herpules
0.041.27Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor YawnBernt Pancreas
-0.141.06The show about nothingBagHead
-0.301.39digests readerMingelover
0.141.21Trojan WhoresDeath Goat
0.311.32I once got busy in a Burger King bathroom (Open 13831)BagHead
0.241.08spotty behinds through mini blinds.Rakfink
0.251.09vapid vendetta against an ex named Gretagroovintodigweed
0.171.02Minnie mouse gets slipped a mickey (Open 13832)BagHead
-0.041.29Antlers in the Treetop, by Hugoo Stamoose.Afgncaap
0.120.88putting the coarse before the heartBernt Pancreas
-0.101.43Flummox the lummoxPreloggy
0.121.21Penguins rolling off the precipice (Once more with feeling)Politas
-0.021.23U2 can be annoyingPreloggy
-0.321.27meat the parentsMingelover
0.641.18dog day after dinner mintsBernt Pancreas
0.151.25Questions? Call 1-800-733-6328.Death Goat
0.251.36looks like a tacoDeath Goat
0.371.16Messily we masticateBagHead
0.211.16chocolate covered ant hillgroovintodigweed
0.281.20the comic equivalent of a cherry bomb taped to your foreheadBernt Pancreas
-0.061.32unguent for your engagement ring of fireBernt Pancreas
0.110.87mouse trap meat tenderizergroovintodigweed
-0.411.32La Don e RacheleDas Joe
0.321.27a nice pyromantic candlelight dinnerDeath Goat
0.161.28a whale is not a fish - it's an insectTom Swift
0.791.33q*bert questions the quarryHouse of Eeyore
0.241.40I put the F-U in fun (open 15195)BagHead
-0.371.41A Winter Haikuschizoguy
0.421.00cutty sark fist of removalBernt Pancreas
0.451.02a big bucketful of warm maple syrupDeath Goat
0.061.06hacking your hand off for the flying carBernt Pancreas
0.391.17Modifying the herbCameron
0.601.36halo round the hectacreHouse of Eeyore
0.081.14Damn her lewd minks (open 15085)BagHead
-0.121.48shaken not stirredVaca
0.070.99hot, sweaty, and always readygroovintodigweed
0.191.05saturated spiders of scandinaviaHouse of Eeyore
0.411.13the keg and iCameron
0.171.28a world of pure dimasculationpete
0.050.99dirty laundry for your moral quandryBernt Pancreas
0.111.66comic soup-poop side dishgroovintodigweed
0.371.21It's an office in a submarine (Open 15133)BagHead
0.941.55the phoenix that rose from my roach bowlgroovintodigweed
1.081.82twice-tripped on frozen formal wearCameron
-0.241.50have your bukkake and eat it, tooherpules
0.291.50from the plate to the toiletVaca
-0.381.43hotdog relish fetishmoby
0.091.12eat your meals with your toesmoby
0.451.20oh my god, it's full of porn stars (with clown)Bernt Pancreas
0.181.30Llama ha (the original clown comic)BagHead
0.081.32Rickets in your pickets (rewrite)The Light In Chains
0.580.98when a man loves a wombat (not asleep)Bernt Pancreas
0.471.14testicles swollen with prideBernt Pancreas
0.471.36the lazy dog builds a better fox trapBernt Pancreas
-0.011.13dude, let's get a band together (rewrite)Vaca
-0.421.26irrelevant irreverenceMingelover
0.191.09remote control bread slobberCameron
-0.111.65licensed to illMingelover
-0.251.47in the newsVaca
-0.301.25the one where Tom fixes the punctuationTom Swift
0.111.23a little sumpin' sump pumpBernt Pancreas
0.271.07the cat in the hat comes back with ear mitesBernt Pancreas
-0.091.46this space intentionally left blankVaca
0.110.95episode VI: return of the jabberwockyVaca
0.391.53the pasta for your rastaVaca
0.731.24in home trial by jurySquad Car
0.091.33dear ambienBernt Pancreas
-0.031.00Underwater joint - a Scooby DoobiePreloggy
0.101.47hermeneutic hyperbolic hampster handsHouse of Eeyore
-0.151.52raquet in your packet (my take)Tom Swift
0.071.16a run in your stalkingBernt Pancreas
0.341.59 Gangrene for the teens [Failed Audition Rewrite]todcra
-0.041.43What hump?Preloggy
0.011.04wandering through the bloody begoniasgroovintodigweed
-0.171.04The Easter Rabbi eats porkPreloggy
-0.071.02getting licked with the native tonguegroovintodigweed
0.471.07no parking in the white zonePreloggy
-0.081.15paper macheteMingelover
0.191.33terminal titillationMingelover
0.011.33all that in nothing flat (OpenRMCS 16399)Soren
-0.201.60Tiger By The TestesWendigo
-0.081.13harry potter and the anal intruderVaca
0.241.40a goose walking across your gravyBernt Pancreas
0.061.36rotten to the coroner (by suggestion)Bernt Pancreas
0.011.06siphoning diesel for the orphan bonfireDeath Goat
0.531.29tactile rorschach testBernt Pancreas
0.220.99low blow jobVaca
-0.111.24This is NOT funny!Afgncaap
-0.121.44the diceman comethTom Swift
0.021.17pizza with everything, no bon jovi please (2nd helping)Bernt Pancreas
0.181.05off the grappling hook (rewrite)Cameron
0.521.14your reptilian ancestor, editVaca
0.641.18who run bartertown?Bernt Pancreas
0.981.41venomous verbal vomitMingelover
-0.601.93al and gary, quite contraryherpules
-0.051.54Leggo my purse! (my attempt)The Light In Chains
0.081.28Attr: E-mail doing the roundsThe Light In Chains
0.011.25Leggo my purse! (nepalese yak edition)Death Goat
0.381.00hash house hoarierBernt Pancreas
0.101.40Hydrochloric eye dropsPolitas
0.191.27knotted dental flossDeath Goat
0.141.15a cry for attentionVaca
0.111.22dare to be diffidentVaca
0.250.90Giving the finger is just cursive handwriting (open 16131)BagHead
0.011.29Favorite mortuaries stop 1: Toledo.Afgncaap
0.341.18all agog over leapfrog againBernt Pancreas
-0.081.38Dr Who's your daddyTom Swift
0.191.15First round draft pick for world war 3BagHead
0.081.20jokes that inbreedMingelover
-0.051.33do the vroom-vroomVaca
0.311.26fondling foundlingsMingelover
-0.261.32I'm gonna git you sucka born every minutePreloggy
0.201.24it was the best of show, it was the wurst of bratBernt Pancreas
0.191.16flight 77 begins its final reproachDeath Goat
0.451.13milkwalking the green mileBernt Pancreas
0.361.00Nam Daed No Em NrutPreloggy
0.031.09must be this tall to writheNightengail
0.541.27pretzel lodgersBernt Pancreas
0.471.15mayonaise-filled pinataBernt Pancreas
0.191.04dutch elm disease for the tree of lifeDeath Goat
0.351.09playing with the playmate of the year (I wish)groovintodigweed
0.261.17custard filled pinataNightengail
0.240.91River Deep, Mountain Wide, Fire GoodPreloggy
0.181.00spackle for gracklesBernt Pancreas
0.511.20lincoln logs for stinkin' hogsBernt Pancreas
-0.070.91Blind man's buffyThe Light In Chains
-0.091.00Sea monkey do monkeyThe Light In Chains
-0.101.38necktie of the godsDeath Goat
0.271.25Give That Pope a Mullet, 1Jamie
0.240.92ass tricks and oboe licks (tks, DG)Bernt Pancreas
0.160.89hocking up a loogy of loveVaca
0.291.12if funny is power, then a slave am IBernt Pancreas
0.221.26annoying anointment (gtd stylee)Bernt Pancreas
-0.160.93spanking the organ grinderTom Swift
-0.091.74Le Pen est mightier than le swordTom Swift
0.571.16myanmar shaveBernt Pancreas
0.021.27i shot the bluebird of happiness in the assgroovintodigweed
-0.011.44guided mistletoegroovintodigweed
0.421.36puts the oral in funeral (my take)The Light In Chains
0.081.26belle and sebastian bachVaca
0.190.88monkeys mating in the moonlightgroovintodigweed
0.871.89Oblivious to the ObviousPreloggy
0.271.00face plant on a fire antgroovintodigweed
0.681.16premoistened pantsBernt Pancreas
0.351.10this comic is to funny like Ike Turner is to caringgroovintodigweed
0.301.36epoch eclipseBernt Pancreas
0.131.33Biting the hand that feels youThe Light In Chains
0.290.94the berber of NegrilBernt Pancreas
-0.311.21filligree for your fricaseeJamie
0.311.46reunion with the rear onionTemperance
0.381.41mens sala in corpore saloJamie
0.300.83entry march of the voyeursDeath Goat
0.051.15Jack Palance Palace: accentless version.Afgncaap
-0.021.53the steaming mug of earl: gray, hotBernt Pancreas
-0.021.00link, sign, and hookerDeath Goat
-0.091.24Attribution: open 20283Bernt Pancreas
0.081.34chowder's louder crowdsHouse of Eeyore
0.621.56smells like white spiritTom Swift
0.141.50not entirely quite like licking a cob of cornDeath Goat
1.121.71It's not the whining, it's the taking partThe Light In Chains
-0.421.36soaring on the wings of desireVaca
-0.241.25Chang & Eng & Edith & ArchieJamie
0.311.10Jorge Luis of Borg (new and improved)Magus
0.061.07look before you leakBernt Pancreas
0.301.50whatever happened to chasey lain?Bernt Pancreas
0.401.25david bowie knifeGar
-0.291.36b is for bookie, that's good enough for mePete B
0.101.35hellacious Nerf smackdownPete B
0.451.09a mild groan, revisitedPete B
0.481.50mustardseed lifesaver (original author, with tweaking)Pete B
0.091.24where the rules are made up and the electoral votes don't matterPete B
-0.221.45Spunk your Man KeyPreloggy
0.121.23requium for the treated and releasedPete B
0.301.02time keeps on slipping into the guard railPete B
-0.301.34how much bone could a bone saw saw if a bone saw could saw bone? v.2Pete B
0.831.1750 credit hours in collageBagHead
0.411.09Bad habit for humanityBagHead
0.661.36suffer, children, sufferPete B
-0.611.47dare you to drink the waterPete B
0.251.28the unholy spiritVaca
0.251.44nattering nabobs of nudismPete B
0.381.01Throwing up in the bullpenBagHead
0.071.24+5 for knowing where voter livesPete B
-0.261.22the comic that understands "clever oxymoron" is an oxymoronPete B
-0.401.48freelanced pantsMingelover
0.020.92eight track mindBernt Pancreas
0.160.97Naugahyde in plain sight (redux)Bernt Pancreas
0.191.11A mongoose on the backsideBagHead
0.110.98alice in wonderbraBernt Pancreas
0.121.25gullible vegan brand beef jerkySquad Car
-0.061.40fry it up (my version of #309)Gar
0.951.35le batman, c'est moiBernt Pancreas
0.241.29The Domin-MatrixMagus
0.371.08i me mimeGar
0.390.88spleeny: spleenlike, or pertaining to the spleenBernt Pancreas
-0.031.42standing ovation at the paraplegics conventionDeath Goat
-0.341.39Non-Fairy CreamerWendigo
-0.201.43The Road to Attrition Keeps Getting SmallerPreloggy
0.181.12springheel jack of all tradesBernt Pancreas
0.651.41humor expectorant (spellcheck)Bernt Pancreas
0.131.34Jack Spratt is on the Atkins DietPreloggy
0.461.10roving blood bank ATMPete B
0.081.26unlubricated justicePete B
0.221.22sub-standard deviation (take 2)Pete B
-0.181.36not for use with unexplained muscle sorenessPete B
-0.431.34this comic will self-delete in 5 ... 4 ... 3 ...Pete B
-0.081.02categorical imperialismFlwyd
0.431.46attribution, dammit: "Go Die" by Mark PeasleePete B
0.651.57a momentary lack of rieslingBernt Pancreas
-0.331.38Jesus loves you, but He doesn't have to like itPete B
-0.101.44getting in bad touch with your inner childPete B
0.091.09yelling "theater!" in a crowded fire (typo-free)Death Goat
-0.191.94free guns for the poop shootSoren
-0.081.60My Nose Runs. My Feet Smell. I'm Built Backwards.Preloggy
0.030.88The Magnificent Se7enFlwyd
-0.051.15hazmat in your morning news (cyanide remix)Flwyd
0.131.09rabid, for her pleasureBernt Pancreas
0.471.23adjacent to your complete breakfastFlwyd
0.231.36per diem for your perineumBernt Pancreas
0.051.41attrib: "Go Die" by Mark PeasleePete B
-0.251.21poaching from "Go Die" one last timePete B
0.231.34just because nobody can understand you doesn't mean it's artPete B
0.580.97Harassment means nothing to me either (my take on 4356)Gar
0.611.23am I the only one who notices Dan's nametag is backwards?Pete B
-0.271.49and the crowd grows weed (open 23046)Pete B
0.291.54phoning playdoh tech supportBernt Pancreas
0.080.96I fondle the body electricBagHead
0.041.47verbal dysentery for the entire familyDeath Goat
0.301.27with 27 percent more UrkelBernt Pancreas
0.351.83Z Score Heading South AgainPreloggy
0.081.16heavy petting zooVaca
-0.221.1764 slices of american pieBagHead
-0.351.29I wear green on the outside because I feel minty on the insideBernt Pancreas
0.061.32Who is kaiser permanente?BagHead
0.111.32Potassium Possum HydroxideJmillius
0.251.11this comic will look real good after four beersDeath Goat
-0.171.98Insane for Bob CranePreloggy
0.051.33poetry in freeze-frameGar
0.381.56jumpin' jack flatulenceBernt Pancreas
0.121.30Crumpled can in the recycle bin of comedyBagHead
-0.101.284 out of 5 wonder why I'm creating my own versionGar
0.541.17don't fear the reeperbahnBernt Pancreas
0.051.25rage against mister cleanBernt Pancreas
-0.121.03look, maw! another anonymous, snarky voter comment!Pete B
0.160.97fry like an eagle (redux)Pete B
0.481.06a penny for keeping your thoughts to yourselfPete B
-0.051.33happy dogs playing leapfrog (my take on 3957)Pete B
-0.021.03topless aggressionPete B
0.641.11a first comic for the second timeConrad Zaar
0.261.12spaceman spliffSquad Car
0.931.35vaya con gameBernt Pancreas
-0.471.24sign the petition; put Bug-Eyed Earl on Survivor, now! (corrected)Pete B
0.171.14The rise and fall of third bassBagHead
-0.031.13wankers of the world, unite!Pete B
0.331.37a body hits a body aftter finishing the ryeBernt Pancreas
0.141.01going further south on an even more broken compassPete B
0.371.53Don Van FilletSquad Car
0.091.46Nye Guy, the Science BillConrad Zaar
-0.021.50international house of panhandling 2.0Vitamin X
0.401.15synapse firing squadFlwyd
0.111.10mr. mxyzptlk gets diagnosed with dyslexiaBernt Pancreas
0.570.98ammonia aromatherapy for the unconsciousBernt Pancreas
0.401.13The slimy trail of snail mailJmillius
-0.230.97please sir, may I have a whore? (extensively revised)Conrad Zaar
-0.051.38chunks of beef in the coral reef (extensively revised)Conrad Zaar
0.371.12Tales from the crips: Edited Open 23743The Light In Chains
0.091.22Jurassic park 4: in spaceBagHead
0.211.24My name is ozzy osbourne, king of kingsBagHead
-0.061.34Mellifluous ideas pouring into my headJmillius
0.071.38i'm not an actor but i play one on tv (take 3)bongthegong
0.191.23tune in next week for tiny elvis in your pelvis or paradox lostbongthegong
0.931.35space goats: coast-to-coast (Attribution: Emo)Death Goat
-0.150.97Do fireflies pay lightbills?Jmillius
-0.191.26the tao of tom and jerryPete B
-0.141.19fatback to the futureBernt Pancreas
0.021.37ok kid, but this is the last timebongthegong
0.301.05the pitter patter of little detached feetbongthegong
0.321.30the soothing splat of melting catbongthegong
0.351.11Low-celestial spreadThe Light In Chains
0.421.98the guns n' roses circus sideshowVitamin X
0.931.48singing pentagramBernt Pancreas
0.071.63it's only a cliche if it sucks; otherwise, it's an archetypePete B
0.031.06Manacled to a cannibal who makes typosJmillius
0.051.38Bang the Drum Majorette SlowlyPreloggy
0.021.31harbinger of heartburn halitosisHouse of Eeyore
-0.021.09uranus staring induced brain damage (my take)The Light In Chains
0.351.21100 Million to Make Pluto Nash. 4.3 Million Return. There Goes My 401Preloggy
0.061.54postal worker contracts dreaded "basket full of puppies"Vitamin X
0.111.27A Nice PearPreloggy
-0.061.33McTurtle soup, fast food made from slow creaturesJmillius
0.151.17as topical as today's ointmentBernt Pancreas
0.181.02Trout streams and other urological conditionsBagHead
0.311.07chicken pox for the soulFlwyd
-0.141.24Prioritizing My Top Ten ListPreloggy
0.531.37Puppies: free to good home, make excellent moving targetsJmillius
-0.121.10Spellcheck (spellchecked)Nildo Crapo
0.481.18insane squirrels with gaping chest woundsJmillius
-0.141.31Are you ready for some foosballNildo Crapo
0.041.39the broken home stretchVaca
-0.161.02small time duck dealerVaca
0.111.00an affair to remember for the syphillisVaca
0.401.14Hairway to Steven (used without permission)Preloggy
-0.011.07Blowing one note on your own hornBagHead
-0.011.18Remix: Voodoo ChilliJmillius
0.081.28drinking cider, hidden flagonMingelover
-0.421.19Nigh on wan JuanThe Light In Chains
0.081.32the pork side of the moonVaca
-0.011.64another steaming mess: my voodoo chiliSquad Car
0.080.99hot cross buns of steelVitamin X
0.131.46Discretion is the better part of humorSoren
0.091.09drumstick puppet theatreBernt Pancreas
0.211.20iron cross buns of steelBernt Pancreas
-1.593.10help pete help soren test the site!Pete B
-0.161.45open 9480: suppurating blisterpacks of funBernt Pancreas
-0.161.36overdone to death and over said to deafbongthegong
-0.080.95bottle warmer for cold drunksBernt Pancreas
0.031.83Peni tenti non penitentpoleTomSingleton
0.081.01the lissome dance of the rotten plum fairiesJmillius
0.181.28chicken soup for the soullessPete B
-0.241.47carcinogenic joke substitutePete B
0.111.37slugs on the rim of your margarita glassBernt Pancreas
0.251.39the hangnail of comedyVaca
0.211.90a little bit o' jericho by my sideVitamin X
0.411.17Giving Out Sausages for Halloween is Not KosherPreloggy
0.260.87Pulitzer my fingerJmillius
0.581.57pentagons, hexagons, and epigoneJmillius
-0.071.21taking out the rash (with a knife)bongthegong
-0.121.30fan-fiction for my fictional fansJmillius
0.031.54Me lie about my laiBagHead
0.511.26eye of the tae-bo (cleaned up)Bernt Pancreas
0.181.04this comic will disavow any knowledge of humorJmillius
0.221.56Muffled Moans in the Outer ZonesSoren
0.021.37ride a cock horse to st. andrew's crossBernt Pancreas
0.151.23Singing Sopranos in the Vienna Boys Choir (without the gannet)Nildo Crapo
-0.141.65No more Mr. Lice guyThomas76H
0.141.31another page that lines the ape cagebongthegong
0.171.19faust come, faust servedNightengail
0.280.88manson family tiesThe Light In Chains
-0.021.31Call Me Archeologist - My Career Lies in RuinsPreloggy
0.121.16Swimmin' with Bow-legged WomenPreloggy
-0.161.37the department of surrealism presents ... (v. 2.0)Pete B
-0.061.26Dr. Bloody DischargeConrad Zaar
0.101.22the spellchecked comic for farklemtomaniacsBernt Pancreas
0.251.30Lord of the SwingsConrad Zaar
0.381.29tao jonesDeath Goat
0.371.77touched by an anvil (valenti mix)Vitamin X
-0.081.42the hanging nads of the business worldBernt Pancreas
0.520.98lunch lady of the nightBernt Pancreas
0.101.41Hard on the BeaverPreloggy
-0.171.28tempting fate with delicious chocolatesPete B
-0.551.95a man, a plan, an anal panamaSquad Car
0.561.53any resemblance between these events and actual humor is coincidentalPete B
0.001.05the treehugging hottie was lemurifficJmillius
0.181.46Viagra - Here I Come to Save the LayPreloggy
-0.301.45The treehugging lemur was a hottieJmillius
-0.041.10Putting the hair in "harrowing"Irving
0.101.48lemurs: wowowowowowowowbongthegong
0.150.87ball and painbongthegong
-0.081.32Angst in your pangstTomSingleton
0.471.35free the Indy 500Tom Swift
-0.221.58Adam's Ribbed for Her PleasurePreloggy
-0.081.08empathy for the apatheticgroovintodigweed
-1.091.07burning down the dog ... and it's still burningPete B
0.121.05empathy for the apathetic (2)groovintodigweed
-0.061.22The fearsome scream of the mountain loinBagHead
0.321.26waging the war on ducksPete B
0.021.39isn't it bionic?Vitamin X
0.311.31Do androids dream of electric boogaloo?BagHead
-0.141.50 the unorthodox likeness of beanThe Light In Chains
-0.240.98turn your head and scoffPete B
0.371.03glovebox heroBernt Pancreas
0.051.26guapo guano from guamBernt Pancreas
-0.021.18gazing into the void and laughingVaca
0.191.48Now is the time for all good men to jump over the lazy dogBagHead
-0.051.28wet blanket partyBernt Pancreas
-0.110.94the jung and the restlessDeath Goat
-0.561.32anybody else want to see Billy, Jeffy, and co. as character options?Pete B
-0.031.57open meat night at the improv (open 25507, revised)Pete B
-1.732.54OpenRMCS 25474Soren
0.561.48I killed the starship enterprise (Open:25271)Death Goat
0.401.12backbeats for your sweetmeatsThe Light In Chains
0.200.99That halibut was good enough for jehovahBagHead
0.131.46The secret of acronym (open 25525)BagHead
-0.061.25the baby in the bathwaterVaca
0.041.67Faster, killcat! Pussy! Pussy!TomSingleton
0.080.84Spatial tears in the comic-time theoryJmillius
0.171.56My Big Fat Geek WeddingTom Swift
0.511.10winken, blinken, and nod: achetypal junkies(open 25615)Bernt Pancreas
0.171.16dwarf tossing for fun and profit (revised)Death Goat
0.081.17going off half-baked (MY open 25623)Bernt Pancreas
0.151.17One Hits the Boy WonderPreloggy
-0.261.47chamberpot musicBernt Pancreas
0.961.10frogs in my clogsMingelover
0.071.57Revenge is a dish best served with a cheap plastic trinketStikyIcky
0.711.60100 percent of the voteJamie
-0.051.44samhain I amBernt Pancreas
0.161.35Historic Terrorism - Blast from the PastPreloggy
0.121.05L. Ron Hubbard Went to His Cubbard to Get John Travolta a BonePreloggy
-0.431.27no cake for the culturedConrad Zaar
-0.061.29Bad Plastic Surgeon? Meet the Botoxic AvengerPreloggy
-0.081.25putting the "fun" in "unfunny" (grammar check)Vaca
0.181.08psychobabble and the forty peevesBernt Pancreas
0.521.48merkin she wroteBernt Pancreas
0.231.07receding ass hair lineVaca
-0.011.61how do you solve a problem like pyorrhea?Vitamin X
0.141.61Walking round in women's underwear.Alice From Hell
1.181.76the toothbrush in your candy stashVaca
0.911.18subterranean homesick blues cluesSquad Car
0.221.30Dear RMCSers: I am God (reload)Tom Swift
0.401.02when a body meets a body passed out on ryeThe Light In Chains
0.091.53on the gravy train, but seated in the snot cabooseVaca
-0.041.31eating too much rasta pastabongthegong
-0.230.87inalienable blightsPete B
0.011.28a home-grown tasochism mangoVitamin X
-0.711.32sexual organ grinderFlwyd
-0.151.51time for toffee calkAlice From Hell
-0.061.26pump action pimpTom Swift
0.111.56Zack Diggerhole LivesChaff
-0.301.28Goof Troop in AfghanistanChaff
0.521.33Stumping for BushPreloggy
0.200.97walking on the winter wunderkindBernt Pancreas
0.111.08know your enemaMingelover
0.021.34everclearasilThe Light In Chains
-0.051.35just so you know, "dolomite" is not an elementDeath Goat
0.531.13Down-lined flak jacketsJmillius
-0.151.31In Japan, they call it "erection day"StikyIcky
-0.131.09Saints vs Lions, this Sunday in RomeJmillius
0.841.32Open repost 1: Even Jesus Hates Creedmarkdiscordia
0.201.22Open Repost 2: Erskine Bowling for Dollarsmarkdiscordia
-0.031.33A Remembrance of Gas Past (I swear, I've learned to spell by now)StikyIcky
0.051.28Perpetual Lotion Machinemarkdiscordia
0.131.37winnie the pimpVaca
-0.141.18Cowpox for your Salted LoxStikyIcky
-0.021.17getting strange blisters from your redneck sistersbongthegong
0.161.12454 Grams of Fleshmarkdiscordia
-0.331.24Duct tape and tinted window specialtodcra
-0.280.95 Paranoia is my only friendtodcra
0.131.44Feelings, now on saletodcra
0.031.53All High on the Western BluntStikyIcky
0.271.26The sanguineous fluid flowing through the veins of humorJmillius
0.031.01Happiness is a wiggly ferretBagHead
0.101.32Gorillas in the canadian mist (fixed)BagHead
-0.241.21your comedy epiduralVaca
-0.071.50some loathsome loadMingelover
-0.051.14Glassy McJaggedshard's Candy Factorymarkdiscordia
0.411.24Rainbow BlightSquad Car
-0.301.64you don't know where that finger's beenPerlDiver
-0.161.06aqueous humours from nacreous tumorsPerlDiver
0.731.49Swinging from a hanging bandolierJmillius
-0.071.77Colorless Green Ideas Bat Cleanupmarkdiscordia
0.341.82Rockettes to Russiamarkdiscordia
-0.041.37slack rodent motherfuckertodcra
-0.061.61Old-Growth Redneckmarkdiscordia
-0.181.03hock hock hockin' on bevan's floorpropsero
0.231.37I am Iron Supplement ManMagus
0.581.23lopsided laughter lozenges (attribution: Emo)Death Goat
0.470.88remains of the gay (dashed by popular demand)Mingelover
-0.881.47goodnight, everybody!Vaca
-0.041.54Return of the fellowship of the attack of the spider-clonesThe Light In Chains
-0.061.24Open Edit 29514: The Scent of Burning Turkey on Thanksgiving MorningThe Light In Chains
0.431.31the spirit of bris-mas (rewrite)Death Goat
-0.441.24phillip glass half emptyThe Light In Chains
0.401.21Cien anos de soledadStikyIcky
-0.100.77tar ar do mhathairMingelover
0.151.19Blackjack night at the S & M parlorNildo Crapo
0.151.24too hot for tahiti trot (from Open)Death Goat
0.041.31Christmas Sitcom - Mad About JewPreloggy
0.111.48suck on Open 29925groovintodigweed
-0.131.19Red Meat Survivior - Just Vote Me Off the Web Site!Preloggy
-0.161.24Sugar Plums and Groping BumsChickenCow
-0.310.57it's funny because it's truePete B
-0.521.12warning: may contain humor-like substancePete B
0.061.28Sue Me - I Ain't Deleting!Preloggy
0.591.35The tip-off of an Emo Philips ripofftodcra
0.851.03please pass the sarin gasgroovintodigweed
0.121.33If you toss the dwarf, don't tell the elfJmillius
0.211.26Translucent donkeys are glassy assesJmillius
-0.121.44and the dreidel will rockBernt Pancreas
0.501.4123 December 2020: the year megahal became self-awareBernt Pancreas
-0.121.31pompano circumstancezenmaster
0.211.58comedy's lump of coal in your stockingDeath Goat
0.801.39I got two zebras for christmasBagHead
-0.011.49Victor/Victoria's SecretTomSingleton
0.981.75Bringing pufferfish to the potluckThe Light In Chains
0.121.05a truckful of puckish trinitariansHouse of Eeyore
-0.021.04grandma got bent over by a reindeerBernt Pancreas
0.611.02single cel phoned organismsBernt Pancreas
-0.301.26The comic that remakes fluffy bunniesAfgncaap
0.211.27The Awful Waffle Towards Godmarkdiscordia
0.121.49Pete Petey McPetepete, Leader of the Pete BrigadeAfgncaap
0.071.34A Clockwork OrangutanMagus
-0.111.18Gimme Gimme Gimme Gimme Petey Tonight!Afgncaap
-0.041.24Forum Swipe: Dennis Conroy's "Turmoil at the Turnip Factory"todcra
0.190.95wacky slumlord of your comedy ghettoPete B
-0.031.15Starts to work on contactChickenCow
0.251.72vitameatavegaministryVitamin X
-0.421.14Ray Charles in ChargeFlwyd
0.061.16nothin' that a hot mocha enema couldn't fix (PG version)Death Goat
-0.411.27Smokey & the Bandit... UnpluggedChickenCow
0.071.31smokey and the bandit II . . . unplugged some more (riff on 5253)Pete B
1.001.85Daring Computer Guy - Works Without an InternetPreloggy
0.101.17it's like when you think you have to pass gas, but you're wrongPete B
-0.141.23The Petey goes marching over the hill, hurrah!Afgncaap
0.630.96Tonight, Matthew, I'm going to be Gary GlitterTom Swift
0.001.36Johnnie Walker Blewscullyman5000
0.081.34This is the story of Johnny Rottenscullyman5000
0.301.18Werewolves Of Hoboken 2scullyman5000
-0.101.29a medical swab of corn on the cobChickenCow
-0.101.27the comic strip that wants you to put it down and back away, slowlyPete B
-0.261.17downgraded to "axis of complete jerks"Pete B
-0.021.07the girl that won the golden globes award (inspired by: The Onion)Death Goat
0.251.06offering humanitarian slingbladeBernt Pancreas
-0.141.04million man mulch (attrib: Sluggy Freelance)Pete B
0.671.16overexposed underwireChristopher Hart
0.011.06the karmic thrill of buffalo billChristopher Hart
0.041.30demolition fedoraChristopher Hart
0.301.13sara bellum's logicBallpein
0.111.11artery partyBallpein
0.100.93nosferatu's listingBernt Pancreas
0.041.04indentured savantChristopher Hart
-0.140.99Kinky statisticians are standard deviantsStikyIcky
0.241.32sour grapes for your jests and japesChristopher Hart
0.541.24The Unbearable Lightness Of Being Poached Againtodcra
-0.151.30Too red hot for your Popish PlotStikyIcky
0.041.04having your background check bounceDeath Goat
0.341.24serving the cat a bowl of shredded tweet (Open 32142)Death Goat
0.021.40tawana told a fibVitamin X
-0.151.18put your hand in the fan of the man that passes waterBernt Pancreas
0.011.27recursive (adj.) 1. see also: recursiveDeath Goat
-0.071.23cherry flavored arsenicbongthegong
-0.321.21Oxycontin moronBallpein
0.201.00Best Day for a Parade - March 4thPreloggy
-0.091.38Mr. Petey, in the Redux, with the cheese slicerAfgncaap
0.051.27anthrax sports pagePete B
0.141.17somewhere over the oxbow incidentBernt Pancreas
-0.171.32this tagline just writes itselfbongthegong
-0.151.32Parabolic Mike Brady (revised)Ballpein
-0.071.37rumble in the bung hole (revised)Death Goat
0.840.99Ode: On the Death of a Favorite Cat, Drowned in a Milkman's TubStikyIcky
0.101.33Incognito We TrustPreloggy
-0.631.10reworked and returnedReoer
-0.051.45Dulce et decorum breasts, pro mammaries moriStikyIcky
-0.441.72Arch-PoeticaSquad Car
0.481.50Iraq my brainsThe Light In Chains
0.361.31beef for keeftodcra
-0.171.11the very last burned hat of the day evertodcra
-0.301.22Tripping the Tripwire FantasticTamlan
-0.161.41Reprise on a rakfink in E MinorTamlan
-0.501.33pencil test of the third besttodcra
-0.081.57The First Rule of Mime Clubmarkdiscordia
0.121.48fisting with an iron ruleherpules
-0.251.39Coat-hanger baby-shower gift.Alice From Hell
-0.041.18You know, frederic fucking chopinBagHead
0.081.69Somebody done somebody's song wrongpoe117
0.240.94and now... number three... the larchDeath Goat
0.051.20The Gay Logician Was An Expert In Analogymarkdiscordia
0.551.18winter hookers are snow blowersDeath Goat
0.401.05jack in the pandora's boxPete B
0.061.10tastes just like hobbitPete B
0.151.40Cute as a Panic Buttonmarkdiscordia
0.261.15varnish -- the other white meat (v. 1.1)Pete B
0.931.52C. Everett Koop Doggy DoggStikyIcky
0.181.29your daily dose of mirth and frivolityPete B
0.411.29The Sound of One Hand Fappingmarkdiscordia
-0.030.93today's high score is April Employee of the MonthPete B
0.471.11My open audition 34... now lost forever (Originally posted by BP)Interesting Steve
0.260.82it's the taglines that are truly lost, never to be recoveredPete B
-0.081.01The rash is always greener on the other sideInteresting Steve
0.161.31the comedic equivalent of an unpleasant burning sensationPete B
0.391.17not so much bad taste as no taste at allPete B
0.291.33the underpowered snowblower on comedy's drivewayThe Light In Chains
-0.351.24Old school tae boThe Light In Chains
0.141.34trembling before zodVaca
0.401.10someday, you'll look back on this and laugh. or weep bitterly.Pete B
-0.211.81the sicker picker-upperPete B
0.311.08Mary had a little LlamaInteresting Steve
0.521.06Last of the red hot pokers (Slight re-write)Interesting Steve
0.841.51the bukkake of comedyVaca
0.541.04pre-emptive dyke (well from what I can remember)Mingelover
1.441.60pistil whipped honey slutCameron
-0.081.34Man or Aimee Mann?The Hanged Man
0.191.60Tobacco's Tremulous TangThe Hanged Man
0.631.69A tagline must have a comicThe Hanged Man
0.131.23Deadman don't wear khakiThe Hanged Man
0.051.48Chemo SabeThe Hanged Man
0.441.42Only the Good Cy Young (fixed)The Hanged Man
0.241.61raking up the yard with pooReoer
-0.031.59Hey diddle diddle the Carter and the FidelInteresting Steve
1.011.59hoedown ditty shameSquad Car
0.291.35moon over dharma (attrib dammit: 5540)Pete B
0.191.58Hornier than ThouB. Butros Ghali
0.141.30tiptoe through the triffidsChristopher Lyons
0.931.73silly-string theoryBernt Pancreas
-0.061.24Hail to the Petey!Afgncaap
0.131.38venus infers (ermine remix)Vitamin X
-0.431.49The great escalopeInteresting Steve
0.221.26The impotence of being ErnestInteresting Steve
0.071.22Meet the last of the Petey tagsAfgncaap
0.100.94Taiwan Ohn at the Chinese Buffet (based on open 33936)Stonent
0.022.30snorkling in jello (Open 21789 - no author equals public domain)Vitamin X
0.251.12Silly Gentile! Lox is for Yids!poe117
0.251.36Elivs' last single-"It's my Potty and I'll Die if I want to"poe117
-0.010.91Roadkill stew for a redneck crew (version 2)Interesting Steve
0.091.39Colon cancer: dying from the bum upwardsInteresting Steve
0.641.56Axis Sally Strutherspoe117
-0.021.12Pissing on your typo-free compost heapInteresting Steve
0.301.60It's St. Patrick's Day all over again. God says, "Get drunk!"poe117
0.321.28the eight track of destinyVaca
0.191.08Designated Minnie Driverpoe117
0.051.23Famous last nerds (tweaked)Interesting Steve
0.771.50The mad Hatter's E-partyInteresting Steve
-0.180.92a spirtual salve for a mental abrasionVaca
-0.181.45Spleen infested fungusInteresting Steve
0.581.37Monkey for old ropeInteresting Steve
-0.101.58spinal slapbongthegong
0.040.99an old contest, a new beginningPete B
0.191.12the vigilantes in your pantiesPete B
0.841.72This comic has no tagline, just words and a tune. (re-post)poe117
0.601.38Burt Reynolds Wrappoe117
0.351.00filet klingon (open 34160)Torgo
0.291.40from chadguay, with love (open 34163)Torgo
0.551.28the expansion and collapse of the accordian empireBernt Pancreas
0.181.28cottage cheese mold antivenomqlewless1
0.301.01Dear Mister Daniels, I love you with all my liver.Stonent
0.540.83The Brucie bonus!Interesting Steve
-0.211.44I want your socks (salvaged, original tag forgotten)The Hanged Man
0.051.24I know right where you can stick that "disappearing fence", buddyPete B
0.260.91Sinks leaving a shipping ratInteresting Steve
-0.171.26hamsters for hipstersPete B
0.341.00Genuine Copy of a Fake StripPreloggy
-0.641.65weekend throwawayVaca
-0.231.26Grit in the vaseline - Arizona's curseInteresting Steve
0.021.19burlap dance 3: rise of the burlap machines (orig: 5653)Pete B
0.301.28A piss and a promiseInteresting Steve
-0.091.32(Percy Bysshe Shelley) Apologies to allInteresting Steve
-0.341.28Bringing a part to a harpyInteresting Steve -- it didn't crash, proving there is no godPete B
-0.401.30Woodstain trifleInteresting Steve
-0.221.14theory of the leisure-suit classTorgo
-0.371.53the comic what I wrote on WednesdayTom Swift
-0.261.18earworm slipped off the hook (redux)Christopher Lyons
0.251.27Music for the wilted generationInteresting Steve
0.011.16life is just a bowl of cherry bombs (v. 2.1)Torgo
0.731.54This Is The Optimus Primevalmarkdiscordia
0.030.99Rip-tide for your mother-in-law (Tweaked)Interesting Steve
-0.201.17Why bother when the pub is open?Interesting Steve
-0.381.15Have a nagilaB. Butros Ghali
-0.110.93Let it plead (my take, with permission)Torgo
0.481.02trains, planes, and automatonsVaca
0.071.40toss it to the wolves and let them bite, I say!groovintodigweed
0.220.96Centavo Woman (salvaged, old tag forgotten)The Hanged Man
-0.321.15raining whippets on your weekend weddingDeath Goat
-0.351.34Atrophy cabinetInteresting Steve
0.191.16a humorous salve for your genital dandruffVaca
-0.601.50Akitchen CabinetKodiak
-0.471.06just a bunch of goddamn plagiarists (steve abandons 5705)Pete B
-0.021.24a cabinet of duncesVaca
0.031.37Cabinet meatingVorro
0.091.23And figs might ply!Interesting Steve
-0.611.47This was 10 worthy until I started writing it.Interesting Steve
-0.021.81philadelphia freedom fightersVitamin X
0.681.28looking forward to that hot steve/tam baby-makin' actionPete B
0.481.37Acid TablaInteresting Steve
0.251.47I drink, therefore I yammer (was: Open 34190)ravgames
0.071.41Dahmer's dinner: Torn between two liversravgames
0.571.06Attention K-Mart shopliftersravgames
-0.081.48Gardeners question thymeInteresting Steve
0.381.33Swirling Evanescence on the Pimple of the Butt of LifeAfgncaap
0.071.09Spelling ErosInteresting Steve
-0.120.87don't run with the big dogs if you don't like the distemper testBernt Pancreas
-0.061.53JFK: Number 35 with a bulletravgames
-0.021.02retrovertigo on the trampolineDeath Goat
-0.131.47With fond memories of the 'Beano' joke pageInteresting Steve
-0.131.40three no brain (revised per comments)Jamie
0.401.21At the Chinese cooking school, everyone has beginner's duckravgames
0.321.27impeding the flow of conversationVitamin X
-0.121.66Hip hop chop shopJoeNotCharles
-0.071.31Rum raisin branJoeNotCharles
0.021.29wet dreams may comeJoeNotCharles
-0.221.21a large order of macho ballsJoeNotCharles
0.251.14Mississippi gurningInteresting Steve
-0.071.13the red pillChristopher Lyons
0.591.51Cringin' in the rainravgames
-0.131.22That annoying inability to create a clever taglineThe Hanged Man
0.081.30Let's call the whole thing offalInteresting Steve
-0.281.06Face down in the bidetInteresting Steve
-0.040.94let daddy show you how to screw up a comic (5781)Pete B
-0.601.21killing you softly (no song neccesary)Vaca
0.020.87the hole in the comedy ozonepoe117
-0.061.35drinking down the duodenal dripB. Butros Ghali
0.071.21the googol dolls (edited)poe117
0.401.50Don't put all your legs in one casketInteresting Steve
0.071.56several strange sorts of suctionJoeNotCharles
0.161.54switching tags at the dollar storepoe117
0.151.62the bloody battle for butterJoeNotCharles
-0.471.66Falling from Grace JonesInteresting Steve
-0.431.10A lass; poor Yorick!Interesting Steve
0.041.17inference is blisspoe117
-0.111.29Mortal WombatInteresting Steve
-0.151.31gravity's gaseous glowwormsHouse of Eeyore
0.301.21bicycle shorts for your genital warts (my open 36763)Deadbeef
0.251.12three cheers for drunken leers (my open 36761)Deadbeef
-0.121.46the kitty lived, but is now a Manx (true story)JoeNotCharles
-0.421.36six o'clock nudes (attr:
0.091.36chinese chubby checker(s)poe117
0.141.37comedy's crawlspaceVaca
0.241.15open bar exampoe117
0.281.66E. Plurubus Uno (I remembered it!)poe117
-0.381.25Nuzzling the nubile nape of notorietyInteresting Steve
-0.171.43fillibuster keatonSquad Car
0.061.60official midsized car of the damned (2)Torgo
0.031.33David Carousal in DUI: Miamipoe117
-0.711.40the comic that's been sexed up by the governmentTom Swift
0.081.21batmantra returnspoe117
0.311.37fruit fetishists: mellon ballerspoe117
0.001.04somewhere between sesame and elm streetsVaca
-0.241.15roll the koansDeadbeef
-0.121.15Loose lips are losing the dripsStonent
-0.031.37The Albino Crow Perched At Your Funeral (Open: 37436)Chris Bourke
-0.161.83bacitracin paperBernt Pancreas
0.630.81alexei sayles taxBernt Pancreas
0.231.42nancy drew careypoe117
0.271.27comedy saltmineVaca
-0.021.28slings and erosVitamin X
-0.181.56Moving In to the Upper Floor of My Inferiority DuplexPreloggy
0.261.24murder on the marrakesh expresspoe117
-0.231.48Batmantra ForeverThe Hanged Man
-0.061.21Like Selling Freedom Fries To The French (MMD re-write)Chris Bourke
0.431.55Silly Wabbit. Matrix Aren't For KidsPreloggy
0.071.12born to be mild, with a tangy mustard aftertasteGar
0.241.25this little lighted mimeJoeNotCharles
0.021.00Piddling while Rome burpsInteresting Steve
-0.241.21Mile wide club - Grab a fattyInteresting Steve
0.031.36chinese chuck-a-luckAndrew K Suber
0.021.10The sty's the limitInteresting Steve
0.171.57ventilated hush moneyVitamin X
0.611.23You Say Goodbye, and I say Oh Hell!Preloggy
0.811.26tingleberry tackle boxAndrew K Suber
-0.181.51Faith Hill No MoreGar
-0.121.38The hills are alive with the sound of prozacInteresting Steve
0.271.30Rumsfeld and CokePreloggy
-0.091.34the unfortunate fellatioVaca
-0.061.08deus ex maquiladoraGar
0.271.30Miami VinceInteresting Steve
0.071.25Rumsfeld and Coke with a twist of GarGar
-0.040.93Tales of the expected (I'm so sorry)Interesting Steve
0.411.14Red, White and Blue CrossThe Hanged Man
0.081.34Indecent Disposal (Open 37434)Chris Bourke
-0.751.95Since you're crazy, can we see your nuts?zenmaster
-0.021.58Putting the Dog in DoggerelXopher
0.771.30Like Water for Postum (open #37890)Xopher
0.331.45Indecent Disposal pt2 (milking it)Chris Bourke
0.141.2098% substance free (post crash repost)Interesting Steve
0.101.19Drawing circles with an Etch-a-Sketch (refurbished)Xopher
-0.251.16Hereditary Fructose IntoleranceDevolution
0.011.18bitters for the bitterXopher
-0.221.37The Bovine Feces Trilogy (repost)Devolution
-0.281.39Shallow gravyInteresting Steve
0.061.60faster than a bursting aneurysmVaca
0.311.02The flask of Zorro!Interesting Steve
0.521.15He Murdered Her for Her Bad Breath - Hence the Scopes TrialPreloggy
0.181.33Olympic dumpster diving at the abortion clinicStonent
0.271.08Here's looking at Euclid (Post crash repost)Interesting Steve
-0.271.39Moonshine Superman, alternate takeThe Hanged Man
0.551.62Drop dead, gorgeousInteresting Steve
0.151.54hitler's final solution to the problem like mariaherpules
0.421.63driving your cheese wheels down a one whey streetDeath Goat
-0.160.97spanking you in advanceXopher
0.281.52Currently alternating and directCruel_Meta
-0.101.50Suicide Is BrainlessThe Hanged Man
-0.261.89Suppositories, now in mint and cherry flavorsCruel_Meta
0.501.54She pulled me in, hook, line, and chancre.Stonent
0.181.18Scarab MousseCruel_Meta
0.111.45floor sores from seven beers ago(based on comment in #5821)poe117
0.091.30How to skin a cat #23: SandblasterCruel_Meta
-0.131.55I milk you, Hateman Dan (c.f. open 37887)Xopher
0.081.23Do rich men get piles of gold?Interesting Steve
-0.281.12Today is the feast day of Christina the AstonishingInteresting Steve
0.561.69Pride and Extreme Prejudice, director's cutThe Hanged Man
-0.321.63The Stray Void Smudge on Your Winning Lottery TicketChris Bourke
0.061.91Church of the Seventh-Day DefeatistsXopher
-0.121.31Could be MeteorThe Hanged Man
-0.461.53detained but not restrainedJoeNotCharles
-0.121.28Like diving through a dry inner-tubeCruel_Meta
-0.061.28A Brass Band In A VacuumChris Bourke
-0.321.26Young Dan, or Extenuating Circumstances - Take 2Xopher
-0.031.46Fine Like A Razor CutChris Bourke
-0.992.14get your nasty comments ready; it's a goddamn metaPete B
0.191.22Bus despot (The American way)Interesting Steve
-0.091.58Nail clippings in an empty wine glassInteresting Steve
-0.331.22Hong Kong is for HonkeysB. Butros Ghali
-0.181.65shalom improvementbongthegong
0.271.51up on the trouser topbongthegong
-0.661.22Public Urination--2nd OffenseXopher
-0.181.29Must a comic strip have a tagline?Xopher
0.041.13Logical Phallusmarkdiscordia
0.091.33Tinky Winky pinched a stinkyStonent
0.071.31old man saddam sat on his bomb, blowing his kurds awayDeath Goat
0.381.40The Sword and the Spinal CordIpso Facto
-0.121.28erratica, againPete B
0.041.29just like a comic strip, but without all the pesky "humor"Pete B
-0.271.53the Dremel tool? it's for my feet.Pete B
0.161.17a match made in heckLuchog
0.481.31an ever-fixed skidmarkXopher
0.081.40can't compute compoteGar
0.121.39bad touched by an angelPete B
0.201.16Left handed braille pornographyInteresting Steve
-0.251.33Barn Razing with Teen AmishCruel_Meta
-0.160.95Tired RMCS meme #12,000, my slight variationThe Hanged Man
0.041.27Because the night was made for loofahsInteresting Steve
-0.361.48danger kittenVaca
-0.081.41my precious scores! they're melting! they're melting! (still)Pete B
-0.311.28the people of a sick, sad world . . . and loving it (6144)Pete B
0.601.40The eyeball floating in your highballIpso Facto
0.001.28The mosquitoes in your speedoIpso Facto
0.191.30like trying to imagine your granny masturbatingXopher
-0.561.41kangaroo court in session, Judge Skippy presidingTom Swift
-2.352.78a public service announcementPete B
-0.031.29Filling Exuberance with Rich, Creamy OvaltineAfgncaap
0.371.22the horse flop on your laptopPete B
-0.011.20Pubic enemy number oneInteresting Steve
-0.161.21The Other Red MeatXopher
0.671.05Today's #1 Hit - Power to the PeoplePreloggy
-0.051.33the mblast.exe of comedypoe117
0.231.15Wouldn't you like to be a heifer, part two?Ipso Facto
0.311.30the prolapsed anus of comedyDeath Goat
-0.391.44Caught, Trapped & TiedChris Bourke
0.311.37the deep, dark, pathetic secretVaca
-0.241.44Courtesans - going down in historyInteresting Steve
0.121.43The Red Meat PartyMagus
0.301.31snide remarks goeth before a fall {my take on 6196}Alice From Hell
-0.171.14a man, a plan, a canneloni (revised)Jamie
0.401.14Colonic immigrationInteresting Steve
0.691.48Clash of the TitiansInteresting Steve
-0.271.19The Artist Formerly KnownChris Bourke
0.211.44My Conscience is Sick. I Must Be Fluid.Preloggy
-0.151.20Rembrandts keep falling on my headInteresting Steve
-0.411.13Campaign to legalise GomorrahyInteresting Steve
0.461.33Steady on Mr Beethoven, that's your fifthInteresting Steve
-0.451.40carnal carnival (2)Mingelover
-0.171.30Subliminal Cola Advertisements in This StripChris Bourke
0.061.31strong enough for a man, but made of a womanVaca
-0.341.40Significant udderInteresting Steve
-0.011.25Location, dislocation, locationInteresting Steve
0.080.98Terminal ear waxInteresting Steve
-1.261.68satan's private messengerVaca
-0.751.31The Earl-y bird gets eaten by wormsThe Light In Chains
-0.101.08Power to the Peep-HoleChris Bourke
-0.041.09the executioner's nasal whiningVaca
-0.111.16food stamp actVaca
0.531.07The side effect you least expectIpso Facto
-0.201.12Fellatio sucks, anthropophagy chewsInteresting Steve
0.161.18Everyone's a weiner, babyInteresting Steve
-0.051.43Quicker then a Ray Charles of Light (OPEN 39576)Hysterical Woman
0.250.95The Albino Country Dance BandInteresting Steve
-0.191.17As shiny as a nuclear goldfish [redux]Cruel_Meta
-0.151.08Like a vandal in the windInteresting Steve
0.081.18Job deities include walking the godBagHead
-1.891.27Fall up, go MOOBWasaabi
-0.381.07Let's get ready to crumbleInteresting Steve
0.180.88Perverting the Corpse of Justice againInteresting Steve
-0.081.30verifying the villainous vanillasHouse of Eeyore
-0.441.26Insane Clown PussyPreloggy
-0.071.75An Issue With Your Inner Tissue (Attr: btg #4662)Ipso Facto
-0.211.76John Ritter: Come and Knock on Death's Door (oops)Hysterical Woman
-0.131.21Free little pigsInteresting Steve
0.251.18Animal of the CarnivalsInteresting Steve
-0.161.22frozen custard's last standZeener Diode
0.070.82Sw-swe-sweet can (reposted from the big crash)BagHead
-0.061.66Hands Across the Water for Chocolate (insprired by Open)Hysterical Woman
0.011.55Peehole surgeryInteresting Steve
-0.151.18Spice Up Your Love Life by Fishing for CondimentsPreloggy
0.141.26The Rhino in your LinoInteresting Steve
0.711.12This Low-Balling's A-SnowballingChris Bourke
-0.191.05Kobe Bryant - the Cure for Jock BitchPreloggy
-0.131.42mixing lysol and lye with the white of my eyeGar
0.120.96a jubilant chorus of barking shins (rewrite)Zeener Diode
-0.031.26Yo! Uninteresting Oxymorons Inspire Edifying AxiomsAfgncaap
0.521.49I can't get no putrifactionInteresting Steve
-0.671.46Urban leg endsInteresting Steve
0.451.29Follow Your Hartford (2)Hysterical Woman
0.081.35Black Eyed SneezeChris Bourke
-0.061.40Chris Bourke
0.191.69Like a Baboon with a HarpoonIpso Facto
0.161.42Ears on my pillowInteresting Steve
0.341.06Giving up the Ghost for lent (repost)Interesting Steve
-0.160.94angels with dirty fecesBernt Pancreas
-0.051.28lost in spaceba (Open 41191)obc_spike
-0.051.31In the land of the blind, nobody is scared of spidersInteresting Steve
-0.051.13the final dream of jean poutine (fixed)Torgo
-0.011.40Gary Coleman for President (Open #41434)Hysterical Woman
-0.251.07Create a Comic and Spy on Your LoverPreloggy
0.181.18catastrophic damage to the dainty cabbagesHouse of Eeyore
0.291.40Bread and circusesmarkdiscordia
-0.031.34family fun that's fun for the whole family (open 40971)obc_spike
0.051.15Just Say Gnaw.zenmaster
-0.150.86One Norse townInteresting Steve
0.111.28just say gnaw (The Neptunes remix f/50 Cent)House of Eeyore
-0.021.02From Old to "Classic"Hysterical Woman
0.701.40You Hate My Tag, and My Strip. Guess I'm Old and Not Too HipPreloggy
0.351.03a brain trust of cosmic dustobc_spike
-0.041.27the foul ball in your nice cold beerDeath Goat
0.041.23Making a Colin Mochrie of the Whole ThingHysterical Woman
0.141.28I said it once before but it bears re-posting now.Ipso Facto
-0.020.85Perception is everything elseCruel_Meta
-0.051.09Indigent IndigenesHysterical Woman
-0.151.15Playing With the Dead Man's BallsPreloggy
-0.031.67Another sufferer of Whacked Mole Syndrome (revisited)obc_spike
-0.291.29I'll Procrastinate LaterPreloggy
0.741.45Abscess makes the heart grow fungusInteresting Steve
0.271.14Interesting Steve
-0.281.50The Ladder above Your Lucky PennyChris Bourke
-0.161.05The morris in your sound systemInteresting Steve
0.471.13Turpentine in the Altar WineIpso Facto
-0.111.10I Think I've Blissed My PantsChris Bourke
-0.101.56baba yogaPete B
-0.091.09sesame street's best tattoo parlorPete B
0.211.20i have no tag -- i just like saying "naughty dead clown"Pete B
-0.521.36The slalom witch time trialsInteresting Steve
-0.170.98Warships of SaintsHysterical Woman
0.020.83like a horse in a chicken suitVaca
-0.100.99Pubic executionInteresting Steve
0.161.24You don't say...Wags
-0.291.01bra in your mawbongthegong
0.151.07Elephantiasis of the MemoryChris Bourke
-0.321.24If at First You Don't Suck Seed, You'll Make A Lousy HookerPreloggy
0.081.06My Italian girlfriend is on the RaguCruel_Meta
-0.071.51Have Nun, Will RaffleIpso Facto
0.181.20Why do turds suddenly appear?Interesting Steve
-0.511.02Deck of shardsInteresting Steve
0.101.05"the phrase that pays" files for bankruptcy ("less suck" remix)Pete B
0.321.47Moonshine SeranadeNuke-Marine
-0.281.54beef tongueWags
-0.041.17Warships of Saints (2)Hysterical Woman
0.061.32Grazing Upon the Glory (my open #40963)Nuke-Marine
-0.171.00Painting by Numbers with Rodents (my open #40983)Nuke-Marine
1.051.43Beating a patch of grass where there used to be a dead horse.Nuke-Marine
-0.091.49When the Pre-Raphaelites come on again, all over the worldInteresting Steve
-0.081.08Freudian dripInteresting Steve
0.091.06Feeling the winds of fate (my open #40965)Nuke-Marine
0.421.16Bon Aniversaire au Vous! (my open #42191)Nuke-Marine
0.061.52smoting by roteHouse of Eeyore
-0.121.19sweating bullets, dropping bombsAfgncaap
0.340.90Conan the Librarian (my open #42247)Nuke-Marine
0.321.10An oldie but goody two-shoe.Nuke-Marine
0.081.55Super Dave Saves the World Yet Again (my open #42377)Nuke-Marine
-0.061.59Mazeltov CocktailStonent
0.961.76lawn darts in your sensitive partsIpso Facto
-0.241.21Flouride in Your Cavity SearchPreloggy
-0.281.22what kind of kids eat armour plating?Zeener Diode
-0.251.25Limbaugh - What a Rush!Preloggy
-0.501.02The skills to buy the pillsInteresting Steve
-0.341.88Emergency exit wounds (My Dad told me this joke)Interesting Steve
-0.330.90A Pimple on the Ass of HumanityNuke-Marine
0.031.64Family Matters of State (my open #42193)Nuke-Marine
0.090.93It's a fair coproliteInteresting Steve
-0.491.11Well hung, overdrawn and quarter-pounderedInteresting Steve
-0.591.15The way to a man's fart is through his stomachInteresting Steve
0.001.29It's not a tumor!markdiscordia
-0.251.12It's my birthday and I'll post if I want toChris Bourke
-0.101.14Low man on the scrotum pole.Stonent
-0.221.34where no man has gone before (no, not Janet Reno)Nuke-Marine
-0.221.11mung like a horsebongthegong
0.080.94combing the hairline of the desertAfgncaap
0.060.93philip glass menagerieDeath Goat
-0.161.18Hey now, you're a porn starNuke-Marine
-0.201.08In the dark, it ain't about black or white. It's about who washed.Nuke-Marine
-0.521.43low on life, but high on deathVaca
0.121.44as the jim crow fliesDeath Goat
-0.231.14The 64,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 lire questionInteresting Steve
0.311.35Rythm and Blue's CluesNuke-Marine
0.031.32Starbucks Porn - Cream in Your CoffeePreloggy
-0.291.23putting the typo in typogrifeeNuke-Marine
-0.071.23there comes a time in everyman's life when he must dieNuke-Marine
0.161.22Ass mark nineInteresting Steve
-0.291.09Getting in to bad HobbitsInteresting Steve
-0.581.45the codeine daiquiri of comicsJamie
0.191.29For Once - Give Me Completely Hydrogenated Cottonseed OilPreloggy
-0.451.06the morgue the merrierInteresting Steve
0.051.49Fear of the dork (My other audition, belated repost)Interesting Steve
-0.361.22nigh-on cast ironChris Bourke
-0.151.24jehovah's witness protection programChris Bourke
-0.351.60pre-mortem dissectionChris Bourke
0.051.01Ass Hat LinuxJamie
0.571.19yeast inflectionInteresting Steve
-2.112.06I changed thisSoren
-0.360.94Carmen Electra Complex: Version 2Hysterical Woman
0.611.31no guts, no goryInteresting Steve
0.061.12Theological viagra: preventing omnimpotenceInteresting Steve
0.011.52sexual intellectuals: fucking know-it-allsB. Butros Ghali
-1.092.42the doggie poo on comedy's shoePete B
0.140.96scrumptious scumberSquad Car
0.351.12I like my red meat clean (rated pg for penile grating)Nuke-Marine
0.731.24RU486: the get smart drugSquad Car
-0.251.11s and m & m'sbongthegong
0.171.24the comic that wants neo to throw the oracle into mount doom (2)Pete B
-0.351.23diet pills for starving childrenNuke-Marine
-0.121.18partying on the yard-armJoeNotCharles
-0.271.12Same strip, different Doris DayNuke-Marine
-0.371.09european on my leg (my open 41651)Nuke-Marine
0.080.83the pumice in your pomeade (part II)Zeener Diode
-0.101.31studded shock colorcraeze
0.241.13shirt, black, and strides (finally)craeze
0.641.20stained sheet lightning (open 41642)craeze
-0.011.15don't fall out with a nuclear familyChris Bourke
-0.421.29women are from Venus, men are from barsInteresting Steve
-0.010.68getting on better with your associate red meat contemporariesIpso Facto
-0.151.29monkey semen key docraeze
0.091.11Cyanide in your AstroglideStonent
0.091.55Don't let the son go down on meThe Hanged Man
0.041.18Climate Controlled Substance (another attempt)The Light In Chains
-0.080.91The cold butter on your mangled toastCruel_Meta
0.151.06only lonely polonycraeze
-0.061.22accidental NeroInteresting Steve
-0.251.00looks like reindeerInteresting Steve
-0.060.89curiosity killed the catheterInteresting Steve
-0.110.83Dr Livingstone, I exhume?Interesting Steve
-0.311.16my brown-eyed girlcraeze
-0.121.07in which he learned not to post drunkNuke-Marine
0.241.09kneeling before the lord, and swallowingVaca
-0.031.16Brought to you by 2 doses of Vicks NyQuilVorro
-0.191.19George Bush and the Blair Bitch ProjectPreloggy
0.000.92praying hands on your pots and pans (Scraping the Open #41867)Luchog
0.250.83sometimes you eat the meat, sometimes the meat eats youTom Swift
0.441.07mustard sally... guess you'd better hoe that mustard downcraeze
-0.481.77Shakespeare + Fast Food = MacBethPreloggy
0.241.09Cur, Curb, StreetThe Hanged Man
-0.190.94No animals were harmed in the filming of this comicCruel_Meta
-0.011.11donkey punch'n judy (the multi-cultural tag)Nuke-Marine
-0.221.01the comic that just wants your love ... but will settle for fearPete B
0.261.15clitoral damageMingelover
-0.321.15don't feed the furries (thanksgiving remix)Pete B
0.031.43Boom! Boom! Jake Del'HommeThe Hanged Man
0.291.55atrb: rob balder,, "fishing with grampa"Pete B
-0.671.36one more partiallyclips strip, then you gotta read 'em yourselfPete B
-0.151.39The feral cat in your petting zooThe Hanged Man
0.101.10service with a simileInteresting Steve
-0.120.97santorum-filled steamer trunkDeath Goat
-0.080.75Playing with the Queen of ScotsThe Hanged Man
-0.201.15nibbled to death by cats (thanx 2 Russetfox)Nuke-Marine
-0.311.31o brother, wherefore art thou romeo?craeze
-0.141.35catch a tv star and put him in your freezerZeener Diode
-0.181.16how much is that doggie on the griddle (with a nod to DG)Zeener Diode
0.180.94Chris Bourke
0.171.64Inspired by GhastlyMagus
-0.390.96One Hit and Run WonderPreloggy
0.021.82it's raining fish on prom nightVitamin X
-0.151.42Hoist by your own PicardThe Hanged Man
0.281.45A cheap trick with a cardboard boxCruel_Meta
0.020.90the other white powderVaca
0.230.83bucket 'o bling-blinggroovintodigweed
-0.251.29fickle pickles tickle testicles (sans typo)craeze
-0.221.04opiate-powdered clam chowder (open 41663 rewrite)craeze
0.190.86Nuclear Missals (Fixing an ancient mistake)Magus
0.880.95dumb. dumber. urkel.craeze
0.021.30Martha Stewart, Black Leather Catsuit, Candy Apples... [re-redux]Cruel_Meta
0.471.26madrigal stonesInteresting Steve
0.031.08when parting the red sea put a towel on the bedNuke-Marine
-0.361.05Bob Cratchit Sould Have Joined a UnionPreloggy
-0.181.31All I Want for Christmas is a Plus Z-ScorePreloggy
0.081.18Win in Iraq or We Won't Get Fueled AgainPreloggy
0.461.25hillbilly's souffleVaca
-0.111.21one-armed ass banditNuke-Marine
0.631.44Figgy Pop PuddingPreloggy
-0.591.35from hell to high water in a handbasketcraeze
-0.190.90The best of Vaughan Williams - a no-cd collectionInteresting Steve
0.031.23Orville and DeanInteresting Steve
0.290.80The Rain in Spain Falls Mainly in Spain...DuhWags
-0.250.95It's a wonderful half-lifeInteresting Steve
-0.161.08Blue Comic - Eddie SmurphyPreloggy
-0.170.87teh comic si leet liek jeffkBernt Pancreas
0.101.07shrink to fit: the epileptic psychiatrist writesChris Bourke
-0.331.19mugged with a coffee cupbongthegong
0.061.46gristle while you workInteresting Steve
-0.441.25George W. Bush: Never send a pretzel to do a man's job.JohntheAuthor
-0.121.00Suspicious rinds (With a nod to Carter)Interesting Steve
0.141.10ernest goes to hellbongthegong
-0.601.17sicker than your averageChris Bourke
0.081.21now I'm a bereaverInteresting Steve
-0.190.92bad briansChris Bourke
0.391.12tofu soylent greenbongthegong
-0.280.79No animals were sexually molested in the making of this movieNuke-Marine
0.731.26Cthulhu's table linen (My Open#44645)Wolfrick
-0.120.98British hookers charge by the poundNuke-Marine
-0.210.80Trouser SheikhInteresting Steve
-0.231.14sniffing glue with a broken noseChris Bourke
-0.501.57whilst I'm on the subject: an ode to British licence laws...Chris Bourke
0.081.20bicycle inner-tube patch recycler (my Open #44810)Wolfrick
-0.131.01Peyronie's: harder to blow than a broken nosecraeze
-0.121.12The way to a man's heart is through a gap in the ribcageNuke-Marine
0.361.09follow the buffalo wings (open 44927)lordstatik
0.601.23mesh ball mess hall (open 44926)lordstatik
0.121.08Bone IdolInteresting Steve
-0.141.19teflon coated cornflakeslordstatik
-0.021.33battlestar catholicaDeath Goat
-0.101.12Warhammer dulcimerInteresting Steve
-0.151.22floss for your other cavities (redux; original concept)Wolfrick
-0.171.21last stop on the funk trainlordstatik
-0.311.18a Blain in the glassbocus mucus suc us!!!!!
0.131.34canadian satanbongthegong
0.131.41the tangy aftertaste of rectal thermometersNuke-Marine
0.031.23Scat Man for OthersPreloggy
-0.111.35crying into your beer gogglesLuchog
-0.301.50Adam Condoms: Ribbed for her creationNuke-Marine
-0.121.15the mortar the merrierlordstatik
-0.461.42a street girl named desire'pete
0.131.08Cutting some slacks (Post crash re-write)Interesting Steve
0.311.07Hammer house of commerceInteresting Steve
0.551.27canned food drive for the recently canned.lordstatik
0.171.12open45508: ed burns when I pee (yes it's mine)Bernt Pancreas
0.430.93bubonic colonicVorro
-0.040.91Larva lamps grow into glow-bugsVorro
0.201.19who wants to swallow a millipedeBernt Pancreas
1.031.55slim jims for chubby checker(post crash)Bernt Pancreas
0.081.01Intestine, intestine, one two threeInteresting Steve
0.301.11ACME Nooses: Good to the last dropNuke-Marine
0.341.22hernia rose I bring youInteresting Steve
-0.141.30testing the dog waterslordstatik
-0.251.12ashes to ashes, meat to meatTemperance
0.000.80strap on dodoInteresting Steve
0.341.04wearing the ipecac patchBernt Pancreas
-0.181.27paging doctor dubiousVaca
0.201.46puts the feel ya' in pedophiliaNuke-Marine
-0.441.74hung like a butterfly, sting like a bee (21680)The Open Marauder
0.311.61better late than... (11)The Open Marauder
-0.041.42christopher walken on sunshine blotterBernt Pancreas
-0.071.04cheap day return of the kingInteresting Steve
-0.101.00Now with 1/3 the calories (10)The Open Marauder
-0.621.43Murmuring Muses of Mythos (41739 slight edit)The Open Marauder
0.001.10BASIC instinct (post crash repost)Interesting Steve
0.001.37In Vitro VeritasThe Hanged Man
0.451.34Kidney Porn (107)The Open Marauder
0.381.62Jackhammer Back Massage (2002; reposted by VX)The Open Marauder
0.021.13lymphy, the little monorail with mononucleosis(45444)Bernt Pancreas
0.140.92show me the way to grow gnomesInteresting Steve
0.301.17drag queen of diamondscraeze
-0.181.31batter up, and don't wafflelordstatik
-0.191.34german rodent nibbles tires: deflator mausBernt Pancreas
-0.251.07the comic halo that goes over your headBernt Pancreas
0.501.33putting the racecar out to studlordstatik
-0.550.97abusing my religion (open ????)Mingelover
0.401.03retro futurismVaca
-0.351.21Jimmy Cracked Corn and I Don't Have MedicarePreloggy
0.221.03lather, mince, and red meatlordstatik
-0.440.96exhumed:now with added hubrisBernt Pancreas
-0.281.36exhumed: waiting for gobotsBernt Pancreas
-0.971.45exhumed: fatty arbuckle takes the pepsi challengeBernt Pancreas
-0.341.38filmed in meat-o-visionTorgo
-0.211.39moral compass gone awryVaca
-0.711.35tropical no longer topicalThe Light In Chains
0.201.37howard phillips lovekraftwerk (5719; reposted by VX)The Open Marauder
0.010.91punch line sold separatelylordstatik
-0.191.11I eat my peace with honorThe Hanged Man
-0.041.25driving miss buttersworthlordstatik
-0.101.03the mechanical bull marketlordstatik
0.891.51Play Misty for Mr. MiyagiSquad Car
-0.161.26deadly evil death commando of destruction and death (4482)The Open Marauder
-0.431.46Embargo on!Deadbeef
0.260.83detroit smock citylordstatik
-0.191.24whither hur hur?Bernt Pancreas
-0.151.20Tee Ti To Tums, I smell the blood of BrahminCruel_Meta
0.261.32"look maw, no hands!"lordstatik
-0.261.10whatever bloats your floatInteresting Steve
0.171.22Smite! (904)The Open Marauder
0.221.30Liverpool Leprosy (1611)The Open Marauder
0.020.88(tub)girl power!lordstatik
0.020.89someone put dinner in my lunchboxlordstatik
0.010.86the spirits promised I would win the nomination!lordstatik
-0.431.06Samsung and DelilahInteresting Steve
0.021.31artificial indoctrinationlordstatik
0.071.22caress of heelBernt Pancreas
-0.181.50"Sine Qui Nine" Latin: gin, straight up. (2894)The Open Marauder
-0.170.97That Sin King feelingInteresting Steve
0.051.17Ah! Bidets are here againInteresting Steve
-0.241.29Hooked on Phoenixlordstatik
0.161.02distilled meat juicelordstatik
0.571.14those who live in glass palaces shouldn't stow thronescraeze
-0.230.91pablum's dogSquad Car
-0.221.57Transcendental MedicationCruel_Meta
-0.551.40Nuclear Test Ban Roll-OnPreloggy
-0.131.17how's your sister? can I put my fern in her smock?Bernt Pancreas
0.151.41this is dingbat countrylordstatik
-0.091.02Fear of a Chartreuse PlanetJamie
-0.011.16litter swill to wallowBernt Pancreas
0.291.52evidence of cola found on marslordstatik
-0.020.97loose canonsInteresting Steve
-0.231.31yet another practical application of used foreskinNuke-Marine
-0.171.24Savant a-go-goThe Hanged Man
0.041.03go go gadget savantlordstatik
0.461.13random votes for hall and oatescraeze
-0.081.17hung like a jewish carpenter (without the body piercings)Nuke-Marine
-0.261.34exhumed: forced score of 7; years agoBernt Pancreas
0.060.97over the river and through the swilllordstatik
0.281.13the musty smell of forgotten bolognaChristopher Hart
0.031.27pig slop for the dandy fopsChristopher Hart
-0.401.29My Mail Order Bride Plays Chess. She's a Czech MatePreloggy
-0.281.16 reductio ad absurdum ad absurdumCruel_Meta
-0.011.52less chance than a hamster in a bathhouseNuke-Marine
-0.221.38the human G gnomeInteresting Steve
0.130.94helping hands caressing your backsidelordstatik
0.151.14Papa's got a brand new colostomy bagInteresting Steve
-0.231.04two if tai-chilordstatik
-0.101.09ApartheidiInteresting Steve
0.141.61Winning the bat and electing to tossInteresting Steve
0.131.59bombs over bagheadVitamin X
0.721.12Nelson MandolaInteresting Steve
-0.441.45Rumble in the fungalInteresting Steve
-0.181.45No Nookie in the NorthPreloggy
-0.461.09taralasamartyrInteresting Steve
0.241.17black elvis vs. mothraDeath Goat
-0.250.84paging doctor mammogramlordstatik
-0.221.25The Ides of March MadnessThe Hanged Man
0.051.34arsenic and old spicelordstatik
-0.191.45unspeakable evil at the local boll weevilIpso Facto
0.461.00disaster relief for ant farmerslordstatik
0.110.88Low fat communion wafers: I can't believe it's not JesusInteresting Steve
-0.201.10his and hearseInteresting Steve
0.180.98exodus from 2 party voting: ralph sederBernt Pancreas
-0.251.23enya faceBernt Pancreas
0.351.11two-story oedipal complex for rentNuke-Marine
0.071.44Nine-Inch Nemesis (4040)The Open Marauder
0.101.27subliterate jests for itinerant guests (4041)The Open Marauder
0.000.71kid tested, usda approvedlordstatik
-0.441.03here come the jallopies (4278)The Open Marauder
-0.681.33under my dead body (4195)The Open Marauder
0.100.98recreational surgerylordstatik
0.071.08I felt the Smurf move under my feetThe Hanged Man
-0.131.32cooking two birds with one stovelordstatik
0.461.50Fruit of the Luminescent Fungus (55023; reposted by VX)The Open Marauder
-0.051.15Johnny Thunder RoadThe Hanged Man
-0.010.97the tangy blast of mustard gaslordstatik
0.251.38buttery nipple piercingsNuke-Marine
0.350.96writhing to the oldiesZeener Diode
-0.101.35A riddle wrapped in an enema (open 54679 rewrite)SmoothP
-0.111.00meat harvest festivallordstatik
-0.290.97Doop snoggy snoggSmoothP
0.211.72Over 50 quintillions ripen'dSmoothP
-0.091.17employee picnic at the waste-treatment plantValseregwen
0.541.24Fruit of the Luminescent Fugus (redo)Valseregwen
-0.391.16If you've got the clap and you know it...Valseregwen
-0.090.9360-Hertz Fandango (learned to count)Valseregwen
-0.011.01fecal alcohol syndromelordstatik
-0.481.49lint emitting diodezenmaster
0.120.82tales to make Walt Disney's head spin in his bell jarZeener Diode
0.290.74back to the stuporlordstatik
-0.281.16Romulus and RemixInteresting Steve
0.841.18Top Contender For Front Ender Fender Bender (54702)The Open Marauder
0.191.07rotating the tires on the wheelbarrow of life (54664)The Open Marauder
-0.341.23subtle as a fart in a bathtubNuke-Marine
-0.471.60the eggy aftertaste of chicken meringuecraeze
-0.241.27filibuster for kids: james and the giant speechlordstatik
0.461.39just another manic mondale (5151)The Open Marauder
-0.151.31Postcard From the Abyss Saying "Wish You Were Here"Valseregwen
0.181.31illegal moving spleenlordstatik
-0.040.80chestnuts from the chipmunk of trickeryTorgo
-0.080.91a new and flatulent God arisesInteresting Steve
-0.051.23Turtles all the way downSmoothP
0.371.05Make rum for DaddySmoothP
-0.031.34kafkaesque metastasisAfgncaap
-0.040.99Aggravated FlatteryMagus
0.290.94Small. Rabbit. Kebabs.Valseregwen
-0.331.16slippery when wet dreamsNuke-Marine
0.481.18lying on a bed of pudding skinsCruel_Meta
0.311.29'Scuse me, while I kiss this guySmoothP
0.010.96access all ariasInteresting Steve
0.351.10Sing a song of sixpence, Sucka!ShlomotheGreat
-0.431.10Manatee FairInteresting Steve
-0.171.07Didn't I Blow Your Mind? Bad 69!Preloggy
-0.101.18do let the wogs outCruel_Meta
0.291.08Beware of Greeks bearing TrojansShlomotheGreat
0.041.08candied adam's applelordstatik
0.180.75Herding Horny Unicorns.ShlomotheGreat
0.061.09Cervix with a smileInteresting Steve
-0.250.77A little dog named Snuggles (resurrected)SmoothP
0.800.94bald faced eaglelordstatik
0.100.86Earlesque showShlomotheGreat
-0.290.76crumbs of the universeVaca
0.111.09Damn, it feels good to be a hamster! (Open 54369)SmoothP
-0.191.02Kentucky fried pinwormsShlomotheGreat
0.171.05curios made of cured codCruel_Meta
-0.290.78love hurts, especially if you're willing to pay extraNuke-Marine
-0.091.01voting floatersInteresting Steve
0.551.01big truffle in little ChinaInteresting Steve
0.040.99The baby shark in the kiddie poolThe Hanged Man
0.041.02toxic sock syndromeIpso Facto
-0.221.04a very parisian pigeon variety (5513)The Open Marauder
0.061.14doodlebugs in your dahliasShlomotheGreat
-0.360.71never... was so much owed by so many to tofu (spellchecked)Interesting Steve
-0.111.01I Could've Had a G 8Preloggy
0.021.03the girl from ipecacCruel_Meta
-0.071.52Hitchhiking the road to distractionACog
-0.451.31Hitchhiking the road to distraction (Slight Reprise)ACog
0.050.97rock around the glockInteresting Steve
0.951.10Unidentified crying objectACog
-0.381.21Crazy for ewe (my take on 7248, with permission)Interesting Steve
0.061.18The tamandua invading your ant farmThe Hanged Man
-0.130.82full feline nudity, meowNuke-Marine
0.701.24get your goat, you've pulledInteresting Steve
-0.440.80Footnotes to Dana Platomarkdiscordia
0.100.91A tongue bath for your soul (Open #58926)ACog
0.141.31The sweet relief of uncomfortable silences (Open #59236)ACog
0.551.30What's the frequency, Kenneth?Wags
-0.071.14leaking silicone prostate implantShlomotheGreat
-0.221.10Khartoum NetworkInteresting Steve
0.271.29rest in pissInteresting Steve
-0.441.33The overripe fruit of my loinsACog
0.181.46Nebuchadnezzar's bran muffins (apologies to StG)The Hanged Man
0.231.15woolskin meatloaf bat (attribution: Jay London)Death Goat
-0.330.87Changing horses in the middle of the shootInteresting Steve
0.160.91drown on the farmInteresting Steve
-0.221.05I really don't mind the Gap at allSmoothP
0.201.26in the carpool lane on the gastric bypassDeath Goat
0.651.09ring 'n' run at death's door (open audition 62009)Simian Farmer
0.110.95The shoebill in your sock drawerThe Hanged Man
-0.141.30polyunsaturated baby oilShlomotheGreat
0.261.01marmite or marmots? you be the judgeThe Open Marauder
-0.051.28unexpected expectoration (director's cut)Simian Farmer
-0.361.32Sir Real: the incongruous knightSimian Farmer
-0.431.01greetings from the other sideVaca
0.241.08loaded dice: the gift that keeps on griftinglordstatik
0.671.32extended wear contact high (modified open 62564)anvilingus
0.150.73fresh brains at the zombie bakesalelordstatik
0.081.00cluster chuckles dropped from 200 feetSimian Farmer
0.371.28as rich as croesus, with twice the caloriesanvilingus
0.061.33braindrops keep falling on my headInteresting Steve
-0.101.07some lajoie for your nap sackDeath Goat
0.251.00you got your blood typo in my nap sackanvilingus
0.181.01Salivation ArmyJamie
0.430.96misanthropic meanderingsSimian Farmer
-0.251.13a partial eclipse of the livercraeze
0.120.73Flowers for alger hissBagHead
-0.090.80humor with a genocide quoianvilingus
-0.211.05Viacom DiosThe Hanged Man
-0.371.1720th Century Oswalds (Open: 64371)Rowdy Theologian
-0.020.99the road to hell is paved with good, good, good, good vibrationsSimian Farmer
-0.281.38Nestor's Palace & CasinoRowdy Theologian
0.131.14just like thatTom Swift
-0.090.79Wheel of Fortune Favors the BoldThe Hanged Man
0.251.05slippery sinews in my spaghettiCruel_Meta
-0.131.06wretched rings of rump roastDeath Goat
0.160.96Marmoset knock you outThe Hanged Man
-0.161.12The Prisoner of Ass-KABLAM!ChickenCow
0.060.90Agouti gumdropsThe Hanged Man
0.211.10Vlad the ImpalaInteresting Steve
-0.011.02teat meat beatDeath Goat
-0.221.15Sigourney Dream WeaverPreloggy
0.220.91Doctor Barbie - Plastic SurgeonPreloggy
0.351.25Incontinental DriftInteresting Steve
-0.181.20Apache Fog (revised a la cm)The Hanged Man
-0.041.51Springer Spaniels blasted to granules...ChickenCow
-0.331.15soporific exhalationAfgncaap
-0.300.85forces of dumbnessVaca
0.111.24invisible worm that needs to get sober (6030)The Open Marauder
-0.041.36Furniture Snorting and Your Teen (6163)The Open Marauder
-0.071.30with hands like this, who needs enemas? (6046)The Open Marauder
-0.231.07Diggin Superman T-Shirts (6056)The Open Marauder
0.341.13sweet pluot gravy (#66890)kohne
0.001.16cincinnati alfredokohne
0.031.39discount orphan jubileekohne
0.400.95hoose boozekohne
-0.031.11pass kentucky on the left-hand sideNuke-Marine
0.011.72break me off a piece of that kitty katVaca
-0.381.03toe cheese whizVaca
-0.040.76new god ultra for cleaner soulsVaca
-0.351.49crispy cholera slammerskohne
0.591.10coupons in the collection platelordstatik
-0.271.00Concubine harvesterInteresting Steve
-0.241.27Pole VoltaireInteresting Steve
-0.171.18Something sour in your succulentsACog
0.831.00skewered view of the fountainbleuHouse of Eeyore
-0.260.99pausing hammertimeCruel_Meta
0.411.06Laissez les bon temps repriseThe Light In Chains
0.090.90Hairpiece of MindThe Hanged Man
0.581.18Sic semper tyrannosaurusBagHead
-0.131.21Occam's ErasureInteresting Steve
-0.550.89Telephone Directory Invitation to Settlementpmalone
-0.040.96the del mcfury bandVaca
-0.591.29your mask, it is evil. your meat, it is red.herpules
0.050.86Splice up your love wipeInteresting Steve
0.001.09storming the white castleVaca
0.080.84Echidna candy storeThe Hanged Man
0.280.90Health Care DisorderlyMagus
0.151.75season's beatingsDeath Goat
0.141.24spoon feverlordstatik
0.411.08Hangnail and eyeInteresting Steve
0.390.99the piranhas under your mistletoelordstatik
0.241.09Jaguarundi EmCeeThe Hanged Man
-0.051.08Groggy as a pirateBagHead
-0.081.30sir william wallace-n-gromit, leader of the scottish terriersDeath Goat
0.100.94Man on the RumNuke-Marine
-0.170.94The antic tone of your local talk show hostThe Hanged Man
0.311.52nobler than oedipusDeath Goat
-1.221.49Tiggers With AttitudeTom Swift
0.591.09doomed from the start (6184)The Open Marauder
0.060.93foreplay with no friendsDeath Goat
0.351.09cream of the crapTorgo
-0.201.31the fine citizens of mayberry (3329)The Open Marauder
-0.071.31Enter the DragoonInteresting Steve
0.011.27jungle fever blisterNuke-Marine
-0.171.02it's a lateral growth (6426)The Open Marauder
-0.121.27The Garden of EdamInteresting Steve
0.411.07NecronomicondoThe Hanged Man
0.541.03Lovin' the Time of CholeraACog
-0.670.98moo goo trepan (redux)Christopher Lyons
0.011.45arteries of coalCruel_Meta
0.091.06I want to believe it's not butter (Spellchecked)Interesting Steve
-0.101.37Paint your WoganInteresting Steve
-0.211.18Spot the diffidenceInteresting Steve
-0.401.02Sucking the Creamy Goodness out of Life (5152; VX)The Open Marauder
0.130.99Sleeping with the Enemy's MotherACog
0.461.67Keystone CoprolitesHangdog
0.061.15Clan of the Care BearsThe Hanged Man
-0.221.18Hitchhikers guide to the Gastric BypassStonent
-0.191.67The smooth taste of penicillinThe Hanged Man
0.351.14Origin of the Spices (unlicensed riff)The Hanged Man
-0.341.35It rubs the lotion on its kinStikyIcky
-0.351.34burnt vermicellirocketdyke
-0.201.11the only prescription is more cow ballslordstatik
0.071.15All men by nature desire to, no?The Hanged Man
0.511.12Baseballs in your UnderallsSoren
0.001.77"Come on Baleen," by Bob Marley & the WhalersThe Hanged Man
0.521.63You're gonna be having dinner with GrouchoBagHead
0.201.26the headache in your eyeChristopher Hart
-0.331.47Giggling Gorillas on the Battlestar GalacticaUnitarian Jihadist
-0.261.41Dynamic Dogs Stealing from the Dinosaur Boneyard (III)Unitarian Jihadist
0.101.19the bloated corpse of humorChristopher Hart
0.460.84the tender teat of tediumChristopher Hart
0.371.24The gnome is named Tony LonelyheartsBagHead
-0.191.16drowning in an empty bucketTorgo
-0.190.90That pack of coyotes circling your drivewayThe Hanged Man
0.141.21Mano a MonoThe Hanged Man
0.561.40popping up for air and nachosVaca
0.041.59Little Debbie Does DallasThe Hanged Man
-0.231.43Awesome Avengers of Aging AquifersUnitarian Jihadist
-0.201.08Is it Just Dirt that Graveyard Gophers Vomit? (revised)Unitarian Jihadist
-0.551.40Penguin Pinball ParasolsDoc Evil
-2.101.46Gorf. Clatter Baretta Nicktoons.Doc Evil
-0.511.57Domo Arigato Sam the Robot.Doc Evil
-0.561.49Shut don't go up, prices do.Doc Evil
-0.791.29Beware, I live!Doc Evil
-0.251.00Depeche a la ModeThe Hanged Man
0.141.10a funnel thing happend on the way to the trailer parkDeath Goat
0.150.70the tumor of humorChristopher Hart
-0.621.64Engagement Wringmarkdiscordia
0.251.47Now Playing in New Orleans: Katrina and the WavesThe Hanged Man
-0.011.04ice cave yodellingChristopher Hart
0.081.17stretch lance armstrongbongthegong
-0.231.04no spuds to boilpete
-0.041.09Hobbit formingtherandomthink
0.021.36Sleeping with the anemoneInteresting Steve
-0.220.99Cur in the communityInteresting Steve
0.450.93if i knew you were comin' i'd have faked the shakesCaptain Annoying
-0.130.86muffy the umpire flayerCaptain Annoying
0.351.20rage against the beguine, take 2Captain Annoying
0.031.32where the streets have no lanesCaptain Annoying
0.071.48the outlaw josey, prince of walesCaptain Annoying
-0.161.95we seek... the holy quailtherandomthink
-0.141.40I would have gotten away with it too if it wasn't for fiddling kidstherandomthink
-0.190.75three-hole donkeypunchCaptain Annoying
-0.451.36jimmy crack corn, and i care deeplyCaptain Annoying
0.131.27video killed the ringo starrCaptain Annoying
0.720.94missouri loves companyCaptain Annoying
-0.041.01food for the glistening generationstherandomthink
0.681.22laxative chocolates for compulsive eaterstherandomthink
-0.341.12your own personal jeebusCaptain Annoying
0.171.26the cider house r00lz!!1!!!11!Captain Annoying
0.360.92gwar of the gworlds (12" remix)Captain Annoying
0.090.88Get yours fixed on Route 66The Hanged Man
-0.031.07Do you love Britain? ASBO-fucking-lutely!therandomthink
-0.151.31i'm not a southern baptist, i'm a crystal methodistCaptain Annoying
0.511.33100 years of dignitudeCaptain Annoying
-0.031.20me and julio down by the graveyardCaptain Annoying
0.171.16pocket full of crap tonightCaptain Annoying
0.021.02those magnificent men in their flying latrines, v2.0Captain Annoying
0.131.17Livin' La Gadda da Vida Locaopus
0.040.86Where's the Buffalo? Rome?opus
0.011.11Remember the Alimonyopus
0.051.48aol's new testament: jew got nailed!poe117
0.061.02love in the time of chlamydia (rmcs audition remix)Captain Annoying
0.211.24the origin of fecesCaptain Annoying
0.281.18Life's bitch pageantInteresting Steve
-0.241.26a face only a motherfucker could love (2nd ed.)Captain Annoying
-0.431.28ain't no moonshine when she's gone (redo)Captain Annoying
0.110.94Stone Cold Jane AustenInteresting Steve
-0.100.97like a paranoid dyslexic who thinks he's out to get everybodyCaptain Annoying
-0.260.98asbestos is good foodCaptain Annoying
-0.191.11i've got you under my schwinnCaptain Annoying
-0.031.08this tagline glows in the darkDeadbeef
0.040.83This maglight goes in the dark (remix)The Light In Chains
-0.070.90This tagline knows I'm a dorkThe Hanged Man
-0.051.51the passion-aggression of the christCaptain Annoying
-0.250.70kabob marley and the impalerslordstatik
-0.101.36this comic gets butchered in the darklordstatik
-0.040.80tired of not sleepingbongthegong
0.280.81the geriatric giblets of jocularityChristopher Hart
0.241.39don't fear the reeferCaptain Annoying
0.130.94Pear Pimples for Hairy Fishnutsopus
0.751.32Skidmarks From Your Brain FartsPianoDemon
-0.071.31the 72 ounce man-syrup slurpeeVaca
0.071.22Scarab uprisingShlomotheGreat
-0.341.02dehancing the enhancementVaca
-0.851.26Zing! Zing! Went the Strings of My Bladder!norbizness
0.041.18Ain't no holodeck girlThe Hanged Man
-0.321.02Coffee Is For Closersnorbizness
-0.491.12Greasy Grimy Golfer Guts (edited)PianoDemon
-1.231.45bits and pieces of your brother's niecesFlwyd
-0.671.27daughters of the bolshevik revolutionFlwyd
-0.071.62I can't help failing in love with youtherandomthink
0.171.02Black SabbaticalMagus
0.071.03the great chops of Keops.therandomthink
0.011.10The Outer LimpitsInteresting Steve
-0.691.13Irritable Bowl SyndromeThe Light In Chains
-1.592.41«RMCS: Now With Unicode!»Soren
-0.931.58Flying Monkey MasterHarry Lephtnut
-0.161.20Semi-colonoscopyThe Hanged Man
0.411.31Born-Again Kris KristoffersonSquad Car
0.311.02Pornfake GirlThe Hanged Man
0.250.94Filet of Sole on IceThe Hanged Man
-0.151.31In Excelsis Dayglo 2Jamie
-0.191.29In Excelsis Dayglo, unlicensed riffThe Hanged Man
0.651.11tainted with oilZeener Diode
0.010.99pyromania for the dyslexicTorgo
-0.580.88available with four easy spinal installmentsZeener Diode
-0.691.85Rohypnol = one night stunned (21891; VX)The Open Marauder
0.311.09karmically-unsound comedyPete B
-0.521.51i still say the monkey was asking for itPete B
-0.180.89on the heels of oblivionZeener Diode
0.171.22diagnostic: live atheisticcraeze
-0.561.69sombre ballad of the three-bean saladcraeze
0.041.28Rikki-Tikki-TackyThe Hanged Man
0.261.26Bum and Raisin? I scream!therandomthink
0.311.18Salt in the wombThe Light In Chains
-0.161.08Four Score . . .Lucky BastardsPreloggy
-0.091.08Naked Mexican Immigrants - Balls to the WallPreloggy
0.271.62And They Call Breaking Wind Mariah CareyPreloggy
-0.120.90Drillers are Always BoringPreloggy
0.050.91Vuying for BowelsPreloggy
-0.431.33Naval-warfare fetishist outed as torpedophileCaptain Annoying
-0.271.15Veni V.D. ViciInteresting Steve
0.001.13floundering in flaccid folds of fripperyTerritan
-0.381.43Baby Asylum - Birth DefectionsPreloggy
0.190.90pressing gerbils in the waffle iron (v3)Territan
0.151.04thirty ton thermonuclear manure spreader (v4)Territan
-0.251.27stone-dulled bris-knife of comedy (v2)Territan
-0.691.84Warren's buffetInteresting Steve
0.061.15I Gave at the OraficePreloggy
-0.180.95Implants for Flat FeesPreloggy
0.161.00The Outlaw, Josie, WailsThe Hanged Man
-0.051.15a tough ho' to roeTerritan
-0.221.39Habitat for you manateesThe Light In Chains
0.331.53...and the whores you rode in on.PianoDemon
0.471.09Half-Life of a TwinkiePianoDemon
-0.460.98Set Taser on FunPreloggy
0.040.81I gave at the orifice (my take)Death Goat
0.801.17Suicide Jumpers Leave a Lasting ImpressionPreloggy
-0.021.20Handicapped People's Excuses are LamePreloggy
0.431.16Parting ShotWags
-0.131.49the grape-nuts of wrathVitamin X
-0.221.05The Devil Went Down In Georgette (v.3)Wags
0.290.99Bringing a knife to a thermo-nuclear warWags
0.051.00You say shalom, I say slalomWags
-0.211.23The weather is here, wish you were beautifulWags
0.051.34Fortune Tellers are so PredictablePreloggy
0.061.08Fraternities are all Greek to meWags
0.171.04Fabulous Frothing Furburgersqlewless1
0.090.91Was Sanka served on the Titanic?Wags
0.581.02Barbie Needs a Plastic SurgeonPreloggy
0.131.00Busier than the Lost-n-Found at a Leper Colony.Wags
-0.101.29I thill have the taste of puce in my mouth. (445 remake)Big Nothing
0.080.77Our love was like a kitten in a waste disposal unitBig Nothing
0.201.45The mucous membrane of management (124)The Light In Chains
-0.181.38Ass Kissers are Bottom FeedersPreloggy
0.211.27Hybrid cars go both waysWags
0.250.93Giving Girls Test TicklesPreloggy
-0.161.10I'd Give an Arm and a Leg to Be a ParaplegicPreloggy
-0.371.37Taglines Are Funnier Than They AppearPreloggy
0.190.99Real cowboys wear ten gallon briefsCruel_Meta
-0.551.28Is a white cocaine user a crack cracker?Wags
-0.461.44my balony has a first nameHangdog
-0.080.78naked mole rats of the apocalypse (inspired by ggc)Luchog
0.451.29Manga from HeavenInteresting Steve
-0.201.29Inbreeding = Sexual Relations (v.3)Wags
-0.281.15Transexuals are a Genital AssemblyPreloggy
-0.041.10Carpools Cause Flooded Engines (v.2)Wags
0.020.97Is It Me, Or Am I Self-Centered?Wags
0.291.30International Balistic Missle ToePreloggy
0.491.09Rainy Days and Mondays Always Get Me HomicidalWags
0.080.95Why Do Parrots Mock Me?Wags
0.311.04Exhibitionists only buy pants that are half off.Wags
-0.421.58like chicken soup for the bellytherandomthink
-0.101.08Knock Knock Jokes for Ding Dongsopus
0.061.56placidly awaiting the hangmanopus
-0.301.26My P's and Q's Don't MindPreloggy
-0.401.21Like viagra for floppy disks (v. 2)Wags
0.671.15speed bump in the parking lot of your mindopus
-0.401.49mandatory gravyopus
-0.211.06Like Viagra for Floppy Disks, Unauthorized TakeThe Hanged Man
-0.161.21Trainwreck on a one-track mindWags
0.081.17the clapper for your crapperVitamin X
0.101.00Do Midgets Ride the Short Bus?Wags
-0.130.90the special sauce is bossopus
0.071.30pixellated porcupines of purposeopus
0.081.05Munckins Worked the Poppy Fields of OzWags
-0.221.11More No-Shows than a Death Row Reunion Party (final cut)Wags
-0.151.09flirting with freezer burn v2.0 (open)Rose Kennedy
-0.181.42Waxing Poetic with the Other Hand, unauthorized riffThe Hanged Man
-0.541.15Swait and BitchThe Light In Chains
0.061.08Bipolar Bears Don't Know if They're Coming or GoingPreloggy
0.291.28Dust Bunnies are Low Maintenance PetsWags
0.041.45jap-mex fusion -- the mariachi hibachi poe117
-0.050.86Like Water Wings on a DuckWags
-0.071.24rock out with your cop-outDeath Goat
0.121.172007 gargling world championshipstherandomthink
-0.341.16Performing the Heimlich on Choking ChickensPreloggy
-0.061.32One Arquette steak; medium, raretherandomthink
0.430.84Pimpin' the Barbie yet againThe Hanged Man
0.200.79Peek-a-boo in the ICUWags
-0.361.21Mother's Little WhelperPreloggy
0.291.07Bedpan Cooking Set (v. 2)Wags
0.511.22Sickle Cell Anemia ElmoPreloggy
0.441.62The Solar Eclipse is a Cover-UpWags
0.240.77gonna auk down to penguin avenueOrion Q. Pickletickle
-0.240.97it's audi doody timeOrion Q. Pickletickle
0.040.87Popcorn for Cop PornThe Hanged Man
-0.131.49Make Your Own DinnerThe Hanged Man
0.671.49bananarama republicpoe117
-0.270.60solo me-oWags
-0.881.28lactating milkshakes from the trampolineqlewless1
0.611.23Narco PoloThe Hanged Man
0.041.12stupor trooperspoe117
0.051.08how soon is now and laterspoe117
-0.491.21Tropic of Prostate CancerPreloggy
0.100.82the mealy-mouthed mutterer of miasmasTorgo
-0.420.91Office DespotPreloggy
-0.181.47Blocking Spam While on the LamPreloggy
0.061.36Catherine Yadda Yadda Yadda JonesPreloggy
0.001.04Groundswell or Hubub?Preloggy
-0.191.09Mob hits are a Gang BangWags
-0.311.31Sonic the Hedge FundPreloggy
-0.250.96Rocky Road for the Good Humor ManWags
0.130.87monty hall of mirrorspoe117
-0.831.14No shoes, no shirt, no cervixStonent
-0.411.60Crunchy Wedding ParaphenaliaCruel_Meta
-0.861.79The Where Bitch ProjectThe Light In Chains
-0.331.40Sinkhole In Your StinkholePreloggy
0.240.80Musicians prefer the rhythm methodWags
0.121.37Atom and Eve BombPreloggy
-0.361.40The Zodiac Killer Drove a TaurusWags
0.070.97A Fistfull of MolarsInteresting Steve
0.281.19the ozone flayerInteresting Steve
0.301.11the whiny creep in the briny deepTerritan
-0.080.93Seasons BeatingsPreloggy
-0.760.83astronautical miles davis (open #111067)KillingAllTheFlies
0.321.25femoral imperative (open #111031)KillingAllTheFlies
-0.831.36cuidado! llamas!KillingAllTheFlies
-0.511.05some kind of muenster (take 2)KillingAllTheFlies
0.170.87revoltron (open #111027)KillingAllTheFlies
-0.151.15A Bout de Souffle is AsthmaticPreloggy
0.081.56Mace the NationPreloggy
-0.130.73Ho Ho Ho Chi MinPreloggy
-0.430.86Seven Habits of Effectively High People (v. 2)Wags
0.180.85Michael Vick has a Cell PhonePreloggy
-0.140.94Fart in the WombPreloggy
-0.230.91Isle Of LucyPreloggy
-0.491.28Stop Staring At My Spice RackWags
-0.261.32Steroids to HeavenPreloggy
0.091.18Hetero Toilets are Straight FlushesPreloggy
-0.171.17maniacal moans from the morgue (21750; VX)The Open Marauder
-0.360.70Upper G.I. JoePreloggy
-0.201.18You Can Call Me Al QaedaPreloggy
0.671.30Mission of Burma ShavePreloggy
-0.191.26The comic that destroys peaceAfgncaap
-0.111.17No Pussy for Old MenPreloggy
-0.320.97There's no P in my ool.Wags
0.090.70No F in my ool (Reriffing)The Hanged Man
0.591.35Obama Where Art Thou?Preloggy
0.390.96Hat tip to AchewoodThe Light In Chains
-0.100.81Hobo S&M is VagabondagePreloggy
0.260.94fundamentalist suicide plumberOrion Q. Pickletickle
-0.280.82Close Encounters of the Harassment KindWags
0.020.86goodbye to ro-mansVitamin X
0.110.80life's a stage and we're all in the caste (rewrite)Vitamin X
0.250.93Marie Antoinette Gives Good HeadPreloggy
0.010.88Flatulence BrokePreloggy
0.681.21That distinctive yip of feral poodlesThe Hanged Man
0.121.06Crosby, Stills, Rosemary and YoungThe Hanged Man
-0.270.61Daylight come and iguana go homeThe Hanged Man
-0.171.11Beating the MeetingPreloggy
0.050.75Pinching a SugarloafWags
-0.291.61Purge of Glurge (rewrite 2984)The Light In Chains
0.121.1690 percent of everything is lovelyBagHead
-0.590.91brown bread, beans and bittersqlewless1
0.251.10in lieu of sleep, write comicsVitamin X
-0.261.32Emetic for the HereticPreloggy
-0.361.04It's Not the Heat, It's the StupidityPreloggy
-0.602.75Mo Meta BluesPreloggy
-0.100.77See Monkey, Do MonkeyThe Hanged Man
0.320.57In Godzilla We Trust (riffing)Wags
-0.071.13Poison Ivy LeaguePreloggy
-0.200.76Celtic Pride and PrejudicePreloggy
0.360.80port and beanspoe117
0.310.89Meat is MurderPreloggy
-0.741.33death of an impalesmanbongthegong
0.741.07transsexual pests spayed and neuteredOrion Q. Pickletickle
-0.051.15Find Me an Idiot Who Doesn't BlitherPreloggy
-0.210.92Vermeer to EternityThe Hanged Man
-0.051.00Get Up and GitmoPreloggy
0.451.35doofus and gallantpoe117
-0.120.84The unfinished jigsaw puzzle on your kitchen counter The Hanged Man
0.211.84ferris buglerpoe117
0.001.00This Gnu for Hire (reloaded)Wags
-0.321.35dreams with shark meatVitamin X
-0.070.93the cough drop stuck to your pillowcasepoe117
-0.441.60The comic that will soon be deletedThe Hanged Man
0.010.83when nothing will do but the worstTorgo
0.231.24penthouse magazine's annual scratch and sniff editionNuke-Marine
-0.110.59freddie with the prinze on toppoe117
0.061.03The mouse head in your buffalo wingsThe Hanged Man
-0.251.30Slimy Toads in Your Tighty WhitysPreloggy
0.360.87Shrinking ViolenceThe Hanged Man
0.211.38offended plucked eyeball collectionNuke-Marine
-0.281.45Safe Sex + Good Breath = Condom MintsPreloggy
-0.060.91the psychedelic glide of tie-dyed hidespoe117
-0.321.62Lubing Popeye's Penis with Olive OylPreloggy
0.501.27The psychedelic hell of yellow bellsThe Hanged Man
0.051.64Death's dangling participleShlomotheGreat
-0.091.51boob tube lubeShlomotheGreat
0.310.83montessori's revengeZeener Diode
0.371.46Grand Theft Otto PremingerPreloggy
-0.081.01Fruits and Nuts on the Campaign Trail MixPreloggy
-0.041.19billy barty pity partyVitamin X
0.371.36the axle grease in your codpiecepoe117
-0.230.82diarrhetic diuretics provide double-barreled actionOrion Q. Pickletickle
0.321.01the soft squish of mind grapesVitamin X
0.361.06The blurred photo of your pet dodoThe Hanged Man
-0.130.92Guantanamo Betta BluesPreloggy
-0.010.83Camp Gitmo Satisfaction (riffin')The Hanged Man
-0.051.33Sooeycide is PiglessPreloggy
-0.210.88Flower Petals for Power MetalMagus
-0.111.12The Pillsbury Kama SutraMagus
-0.260.82Criminalks with a Skin Disease - Leper ConsPreloggy
0.121.09Green Eggs and Him (riffin')The Hanged Man
-0.281.02green eggs and glam (re-riffin')poe117
0.011.01Licking a PlatypussyPreloggy
-0.080.93Flaws in the OintmentPreloggy
-0.231.12Removing Your AlgebraPreloggy
-0.031.21Riffin' a Platypussy (I only take credit for Johnny's last dialogue)The Hanged Man
-0.521.55Earl, you know it's trueherpules
0.890.83edmund mozzarella fitzgeraldTorgo
0.401.03gag refluxThe Light In Chains
0.160.88The black duck in your Mack TruckThe Hanged Man
-0.391.32Floundering with a FlounderPreloggy
0.051.87Mensa CyclePreloggy
0.241.12If I said you had a beautiful body would you dig it up and move it?The Light In Chains
0.130.80Bury me deep, I'm cold and clammyMagus
-0.140.99Dog Day Afternoon DelightPreloggy
-0.420.86race against thymeThe Light In Chains
-0.230.73the cherry blossom must failShlomotheGreat
-0.190.72Blogged ArteriesPreloggy
-0.291.22maverick spray that's getting away (remix)Orion Q. Pickletickle
-0.230.88Pop an Ass in Your Cap TwoPreloggy
0.461.00Rectal Meat ThermometerPreloggy
-0.350.87baked estrogen pillows layered over al dente discourseHouse of Eeyore
-0.731.47a topical vacation for twopoe117
-0.201.22Diddler On the RoofPreloggy
-0.101.12Diddler on the Roofie (remixed without permission)poe117
-0.281.15Is There A Doctor in the House of Pancakes?Preloggy
-0.010.94Captain Nemo's Yellow SubmarineShlomotheGreat
-0.051.03Knights in White Satin PantiesPreloggy
0.141.06Toothy SpookPreloggy
-0.121.29crying into your beer goggles (reducks)Luchog
0.280.77Knights in White, Satan (riffing)The Hanged Man
0.490.82Throbbing Gristle On Your MisslePreloggy
0.051.52Soggy Waffles in Your UnderroosPreloggy
0.741.01Dry Toast in your DependsThe Hanged Man
0.190.95burnt pop tarts in your thongpoe117
0.010.79browning blintzes in your tighty whitiesShlomotheGreat
-0.260.78Swine Flu Over the Cukoo's NestPreloggy
0.171.04Fat Boy Breathing in Short PantsPreloggy
0.461.08Red Meat for DummiesNuke-Marine
-0.521.55the spontaneous combustion engineTorgo
-0.250.99Beat the MeetlesMagus
0.510.75Pubic OptionPreloggy
-0.360.98Hybrid cars go both ways (v. 2)Wags
-0.140.98The Devil you know, biblicallyShlomotheGreat
-0.200.88outhouse splashback flashbackShlomotheGreat
0.440.66Can't Handle the ToothacheThe Hanged Man
0.110.91Federal Agents do it undercover (grammar enhanced)Wags
0.270.75doo-doo in your underoosWags
0.371.11Girls Gone Wild at HeartPreloggy
0.251.04Shock the MoonpiePreloggy
0.151.28Storch Song Trilogy (reriff)The Hanged Man
0.160.60Mega OverbytePreloggy
0.250.83Shock the Moonpie (riff)opus
-0.091.21Climate Gated Community (my take)Preloggy
-0.161.64Horsing Around at the Glue FactoryPreloggy
-0.050.90All this and fist full of gristRakfink
-0.941.91can't stand the handicappedbongthegong
1.181.35thirty percent louder by volumebongthegong
-0.090.62Nibbling Your GibbletsPreloggy
-0.360.98Knights of the Square PegsPreloggy
0.320.99Knockin' On Heathens DoorPreloggy
0.231.25the withheld wages of sinTorgo
-0.581.16The Varnished Sages of WinMagus
0.561.63the tink tink of metal plates in first placeNuke-Marine
-0.681.11sniffing the stinky fingerNuke-Marine
-0.131.03one year of toenail clippingsNuke-Marine
-0.281.18Fudging the PackersPreloggy
0.071.16the stiff that stunk the stinky fingerherpules
-0.070.72Peppermint Panties in a TwistPreloggy
-0.740.60bungie jumping from the umbilical cordNuke-Marine
-0.501.07vous le vuvuzela avec moipoe117
-0.350.78under the cloaca of darknessTorgo
-0.160.87Bull Moose BallsPreloggy
-0.051.25Buy CuriousPreloggy
-0.251.07Mind Your Own MeatnessPreloggy
-0.051.27All I Want is Radio Lady GagaPreloggy
-0.231.50Groucho MarxismPreloggy
-0.461.08Facebook 'Em, DanoPreloggy
0.211.44Groucho the Marxman (riffin')The Hanged Man
-0.021.11misery loves chachiVitamin X
-0.561.99Popeye Dips in Olive OylPreloggy
-0.291.02Hat MadderPreloggy
-0.081.27a white lie is aversion of the truthOrion Q. Pickletickle
-0.091.05Union GooniesPreloggy
-0.431.38inhumane treatment of search engine spidersherpules
-0.200.80how do you solve a problem like gonorrhea?Orion Q. Pickletickle
0.581.15I'm Following Tweety BirdPreloggy
0.500.68And Your Little God, Too.Preloggy
-1.281.07Two Headed ManboyVaca
-0.230.66Rectal ThermonuclearPreloggy
0.421.26internet philosophy: why-fipoe117
0.251.29Stool for the MulePreloggy
-0.111.98the escape clause in your suicide pactVitamin X
0.160.87Munching the Carpet BombPreloggy
-0.020.69There's Santorum in the ForumPreloggy
-0.151.12Cult of WessonalityPreloggy
-0.080.94Nothing To Read HerePreloggy
-0.130.97Stupid Is As Stupis DuhsPreloggy
-0.010.87The Unlightable Business of BearsThe Light In Chains
-0.070.99doodling in your dahlias (variation)ShlomotheGreat
0.451.29I ain't a ghost of no FreudThe Hanged Man
0.251.03Tear in your BearPreloggy
-0.071.05Me and My Derrick Are in an OPEC Relationship bongthegong
-0.380.86Sucking on the Teat of MeatPreloggy
0.210.64Cat 'O' Borgnine TailsPreloggy
0.591.03Driving with an expired license to killTorgo
0.330.70Bung Hole In OnePreloggy
0.320.45Et Tu Bootycall?Preloggy
0.000.83Spring-Loaded Can of Despair bongthegong
0.090.58Banana Split Personality Riff on #8741opus
0.500.70Enter the Dragon from BehindPreloggy
-0.120.97Suicidal Porn Stars are Well HungPreloggy
0.911.15The Habbit: High and Back AgainThe Light In Chains
-0.561.31Breaking Bad Case of Loving YouPreloggy
0.391.32Leaves Falling on the MuckrakersPreloggy
0.690.99Melanoma on the Skin of His TeethPreloggy
0.141.07love in a time of food poisoningTorgo
-0.050.99Fool for the TittyPreloggy
0.280.87Flatulent Earth SocietyPreloggy
0.011.07Back in the JocksPreloggy
0.931.56Loose Goo on the LooPreloggy
-0.321.22mock war in the sock drawerVitamin X
0.141.54Loner with a BonerPreloggy
0.540.78Panama C AnalPreloggy
-0.020.82The inevitable return of garden weaselsThe Hanged Man
-0.171.55Raking BradPreloggy
-1.031.30Duck Die NastyPreloggy
-0.651.12bloddy birdbath of babylon bongthegong
0.341.11Gets the Hose AgainPreloggy
-0.711.60Whip It, GodPreloggy
-0.651.05give a hand for no ply toilet paperNuke-Marine
-0.370.68Pulling the Rug Out From Carpet BombsPreloggy
-1.311.00Kaiser Wilhelm Screammarmelmm
-0.741.45i'm meow meow henrietta lollipopAfgncaap
-0.280.67Styrofoam Plantation ConnectionAfgncaap
-0.071.27ralph bellamy saluteVitamin X
-0.381.41gettin' the band back togetherTorgo
-0.211.05Trump the Rump BumpPreloggy
-0.961.49Cuckoo Clock Bomb IranPreloggy
0.040.58Aphex twineInteresting Steve
-0.300.50A plague on wordsInteresting Steve
-0.070.75The Temp-hole of Doomtherandomthink
0.630.93Pudding on the Ritztherandomthink
-1.741.25long live laryngitis bongthegong
-0.440.75The bouyant hopes of the damnedZeener Diode
0.060.71the tiny hands of big brotherTorgo
0.500.43the umpire strikes backTorgo
0.350.50my only friend, the endTorgo

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