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-0.322.12muffin-shaped puffinSquad Car
0.051.52The Pencil-Thin Moustache From Beyond!Squad Car
0.961.52Mary Catherine Digs MargarineSquad Car
0.392.03My little Jack ChickadeeSquad Car
0.191.41largish, lavish living roomSquad Car
0.061.09California brown-out rollsSquad Car
-0.131.44semi self-concious, fully self-delusionalSquad Car
0.641.33turn your head andy kauf, manSquad Car
-0.121.38the norman fell ratioSquad Car
-0.051.28shower failureSquad Car
-0.131.65Return to Balti-S'mores!Squad Car
0.581.34carp shootSquad Car
0.071.40cyanoacrylate neonateSquad Car
0.311.73pretty as a pitcherSquad Car
0.051.40steak 'n' shake 'n' bacon bitsSquad Car
0.541.79a little ditty 'bout jackin' dianeSquad Car
0.611.55Bali jai alaiSquad Car
-0.731.73the truth about pussy and bitchesSquad Car
0.731.24in home trial by jurySquad Car
0.121.25gullible vegan brand beef jerkySquad Car
0.261.12spaceman spliffSquad Car
0.371.53Don Van FilletSquad Car
-0.011.64another steaming mess: my voodoo chiliSquad Car
-0.551.95a man, a plan, an anal panamaSquad Car
0.911.18subterranean homesick blues cluesSquad Car
0.411.24Rainbow BlightSquad Car
-0.441.72Arch-PoeticaSquad Car
1.011.59hoedown ditty shameSquad Car
-0.171.43fillibuster keatonSquad Car
0.140.96scrumptious scumberSquad Car
0.731.24RU486: the get smart drugSquad Car
0.891.51Play Misty for Mr. MiyagiSquad Car
-0.230.91pablum's dogSquad Car
0.411.31Born-Again Kris KristoffersonSquad Car

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