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-0.201.21blasting cap on the un-funny bombgroovintodigweed
0.581.39the results of low blood sugar and five wasted minutesgroovintodigweed
0.421.60the pungent aroma of the permanent comagroovintodigweed
-0.031.11oakenfold origamigroovintodigweed
0.331.19we all live in a yellow sub's latrinegroovintodigweed
0.341.36cruising for a bruising on the autobahnannagroovintodigweed
0.071.26pedestrian at best. version 3.0groovintodigweed
0.141.41spam of the la....just listened to a commentgroovintodigweed
-0.060.9910 Murphy's Stouts in the clip. fire away at funnygroovintodigweed
0.101.25regarding a joke that will never have the right punchline.groovintodigweed
0.151.33sugarglider bee sting smilegroovintodigweed
-0.181.36Earl, with a swirl of your favorite girlgroovintodigweed
0.111.28playboy vs. the gay boygroovintodigweed
0.271.00white wine spritzer for your underage sistergroovintodigweed
0.601.18toasting a toad's turdsgroovintodigweed
0.331.07having a fling with a cold chicken winggroovintodigweed
0.101.12camels that love to humpgroovintodigweed
-0.031.28debits and credits in the ledger of lovegroovintodigweed
0.251.09vapid vendetta against an ex named Gretagroovintodigweed
0.211.16chocolate covered ant hillgroovintodigweed
0.110.87mouse trap meat tenderizergroovintodigweed
0.070.99hot, sweaty, and always readygroovintodigweed
0.111.66comic soup-poop side dishgroovintodigweed
0.941.55the phoenix that rose from my roach bowlgroovintodigweed
0.011.04wandering through the bloody begoniasgroovintodigweed
-0.071.02getting licked with the native tonguegroovintodigweed
0.351.09playing with the playmate of the year (I wish)groovintodigweed
0.021.27i shot the bluebird of happiness in the assgroovintodigweed
-0.011.44guided mistletoegroovintodigweed
0.190.88monkeys mating in the moonlightgroovintodigweed
0.271.00face plant on a fire antgroovintodigweed
0.351.10this comic is to funny like Ike Turner is to caringgroovintodigweed
-0.081.08empathy for the apatheticgroovintodigweed
0.121.05empathy for the apathetic (2)groovintodigweed
0.111.48suck on Open 29925groovintodigweed
0.851.03please pass the sarin gasgroovintodigweed
0.071.40toss it to the wolves and let them bite, I say!groovintodigweed
0.230.83bucket 'o bling-blinggroovintodigweed

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