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0.521.57openRMCS #2872herpules
0.131.02openRMCS #2780herpules
-0.031.82openRMCS #2068herpules
-0.151.96pat faxes flat taxesherpules
-0.161.40flogging further the feline fallenherpules
0.031.78spam on van dammeherpules
0.591.20and you're gonna float there and like itherpules
-0.051.66extraordinarily popular delusionsherpules
0.691.58republican party in my pants, and everyone's indictedherpules
0.012.08hungry hungry herpesherpules
0.641.31natural born pillars of the communityherpules
0.181.56eat bugsherpules
0.741.39bureaucratic gadget grip, and other black lung referencesherpules
-0.502.07hey, what's this "save" button do...herpules
-0.301.95don't lick bjork in angerherpules
0.011.45fun for the whole pharmacyherpules
-0.201.24helter skeletorherpules
0.070.96gives baby jesus gasherpules
-0.051.04deadly game of cat and blenderherpules
0.051.47where have all your base gone? long time passing...herpules
-0.241.50have your bukkake and eat it, tooherpules
-0.601.93al and gary, quite contraryherpules
0.121.48fisting with an iron ruleherpules
0.151.54hitler's final solution to the problem like mariaherpules
-0.591.29your mask, it is evil. your meat, it is red.herpules
-0.521.55Earl, you know it's trueherpules
0.071.16the stiff that stunk the stinky fingerherpules
-0.431.38inhumane treatment of search engine spidersherpules

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