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0.081.20the wages of sin are $5 an hour plus tipsTom Swift
0.251.32comic strip teaseTom Swift
0.281.52comedy set to warped factor 10Tom Swift
0.341.19Tequila MockingbirdTom Swift
-0.121.19beat your own meatTom Swift
-0.541.96vague in William HagueTom Swift
-0.151.05building a nude world orderTom Swift
-0.151.27you'll look sweet upon the seat of a bisexual made for twoTom Swift
-0.081.39one for the honey, two for the ho ho hoTom Swift
0.161.28a whale is not a fish - it's an insectTom Swift
-0.301.25the one where Tom fixes the punctuationTom Swift
-0.151.52raquet in your packet (my take)Tom Swift
-0.121.44the diceman comethTom Swift
-0.081.38Dr Who's your daddyTom Swift
-0.160.93spanking the organ grinderTom Swift
-0.091.74Le Pen est mightier than le swordTom Swift
0.621.56smells like white spiritTom Swift
0.471.35free the Indy 500Tom Swift
0.171.56My Big Fat Geek WeddingTom Swift
0.221.30Dear RMCSers: I am God (reload)Tom Swift
-0.061.26pump action pimpTom Swift
0.630.96Tonight, Matthew, I'm going to be Gary GlitterTom Swift
-0.371.53the comic what I wrote on WednesdayTom Swift
-0.711.40the comic that's been sexed up by the governmentTom Swift
-0.561.41kangaroo court in session, Judge Skippy presidingTom Swift
0.250.83sometimes you eat the meat, sometimes the meat eats youTom Swift
0.131.14just like thatTom Swift
-1.221.49Tiggers With AttitudeTom Swift

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