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-1.231.06Sleeping with the enemapete
-2.651.45no spuds to boil!pete
-0.451.09horoscopes for hampster rapistspete
-0.641.20the love child of Larry Clark and Barbera Walterspete
-0.811.25Eating at the rotting flesh of its mindless consumer(round2)pete
-0.871.24retarded, for her pleasurepete
-0.951.13retarded, for her pleasure (REVISITED)pete
-0.861.32blood, sweat, and riboflavinpete
-0.681.23The Pain Boss, the Pain!pete
-0.821.42now more than beaverpete
-1.051.23throw another shrimp at the barmaidpete
-0.600.70more feeling, less gropingpete
-1.330.61the cry and lamentation of our womenpete

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