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-0.021.50international house of panhandling 2.0Vitamin X
0.421.98the guns n' roses circus sideshowVitamin X
0.061.54postal worker contracts dreaded "basket full of puppies"Vitamin X
0.080.99hot cross buns of steelVitamin X
0.211.90a little bit o' jericho by my sideVitamin X
0.371.77touched by an anvil (valenti mix)Vitamin X
0.021.39isn't it bionic?Vitamin X
-0.011.61how do you solve a problem like pyorrhea?Vitamin X
0.011.28a home-grown tasochism mangoVitamin X
0.251.72vitameatavegaministryVitamin X
0.021.40tawana told a fibVitamin X
0.131.38venus infers (ermine remix)Vitamin X
0.022.30snorkling in jello (Open 21789 - no author equals public domain)Vitamin X
-0.021.81philadelphia freedom fightersVitamin X
0.321.27impeding the flow of conversationVitamin X
-0.021.28slings and erosVitamin X
0.171.57ventilated hush moneyVitamin X
0.021.82it's raining fish on prom nightVitamin X
0.131.59bombs over bagheadVitamin X
-0.131.49the grape-nuts of wrathVitamin X
0.081.17the clapper for your crapperVitamin X
0.020.86goodbye to ro-mansVitamin X
0.110.80life's a stage and we're all in the caste (rewrite)Vitamin X
0.251.10in lieu of sleep, write comicsVitamin X
-0.321.35dreams with shark meatVitamin X
-0.041.19billy barty pity partyVitamin X
0.321.01the soft squish of mind grapesVitamin X
-0.021.11misery loves chachiVitamin X
-0.111.98the escape clause in your suicide pactVitamin X
-0.321.22mock war in the sock drawerVitamin X
-0.071.27ralph bellamy saluteVitamin X

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