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-0.041.20minute viceChristopher Hart
-0.571.22barbara mandrillChristopher Hart
-0.181.43ma barker's magic markersChristopher Hart
-1.131.07stunting your growthsChristopher Hart
-0.040.99the musty smell of forgotten shoesChristopher Hart
-0.030.95beyond the valley of the jolly green giantChristopher Hart
-0.401.00the sunny side of the streetwalkerChristopher Hart
-0.150.94it's raining mennorahChristopher Hart
-0.450.83sold to gypsies at a lossChristopher Hart
-0.321.04spring-fresh towels for your irritable bowelsChristopher Hart
-0.060.96the headache in my eyeChristopher Hart
-0.741.06praise the lardChristopher Hart
-0.131.03dangling from the helicopter rope-ladder of fateChristopher Hart
-0.701.47here's meat in your eyeChristopher Hart
-0.721.01drinking from the specimen jarChristopher Hart
-0.851.96daddy's special medicineChristopher Hart
-0.060.99urinal cakes to cure your shakesChristopher Hart
-0.270.76the scourge of the pedanticChristopher Hart
-0.181.11the lint trap of the soulChristopher Hart
-0.430.86pork rinds for filthy mindsChristopher Hart
-1.521.39always up for some antics.Christopher Hart
-0.051.01oyster crackers in the chowder of gloomChristopher Hart
-0.171.34the missing lincolnChristopher Hart
-0.071.34bewitched, bothered, and bespectacledChristopher Hart
-2.681.49a dose of the clapChristopher Hart
-0.411.00the creamy filling in the cupcake of evilChristopher Hart
-0.530.97melon rinds from the trough of comedyChristopher Hart
-0.630.60swatting mosquitos in the swamp of lifeChristopher Hart
-0.670.66the lovable infestation of mirthChristopher Hart
-0.290.66to sir with gloveChristopher Hart
-0.450.98soup noodles in the beard of your soulChristopher Hart
-0.311.08this house is not a gnomeChristopher Hart

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