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-0.371.25Give Us a Wink, Martindale (was: Open 35119)ravgames
-0.771.08Jalapeno colada (my take on "atrophy cabinet")ravgames
-1.140.69Captain, the Shields and Yarnell canna take much more o' this!ravgames
-1.211.13It was the baste of times, it was the wurst of timesravgames
-1.301.30Congratulations on your promotion, Major Kangarooravgames
-0.911.13Baby-back ribbed for her pleasureravgames
-0.601.16Feelers, nothing more than feelersravgames
-0.661.22Spice Girls: British Pop Tartsravgames
-0.631.38Spice Girls: British Pop Tarts (90's remix)ravgames
-0.361.48Biting off more umbilical cord than you can chewravgames
-2.391.43A whiter shade of impaleravgames
-2.241.76When I need eggs, man, when I need eggs, man, I go to Wal-martravgames
-0.541.23Run Silent, Run Noseravgames
-0.951.25Youth in Asia saves countless livesravgames
-2.361.33Right church, wrong phewravgames

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