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-0.251.32Macaroons in your pantaloonsIpso Facto
-0.591.19What does God need with a milk truck? (My open 38176)Ipso Facto
-2.211.30Someone woke up on the wrong side of the deadIpso Facto
-0.541.17Macaroons in your pantaloons (the second)Ipso Facto
-0.811.28Wouldn't you like to be a heifer, too?Ipso Facto
-0.141.10You're the man, Dr. TranIpso Facto
-0.571.01Time to Nuke Marmaduke (My take on #3299)Ipso Facto
-0.041.69Tumble in the BuffIpso Facto
-0.341.70Red Meat for Some. Tiny American Flags for Others.Ipso Facto
-0.260.87The unthinkable in your unmentionablesIpso Facto
-0.170.99Like rhyming orange and door hingeIpso Facto
-0.121.37A Comedy of TerrorsIpso Facto
-0.431.03A Parable of the ParanormalIpso Facto
-0.121.16Weakened by the WeekendIpso Facto
-1.391.07moooey mooey chaIpso Facto
-0.901.42The Hound and the FurryIpso Facto
-0.111.00The Down Side of FormaldehydeIpso Facto
-0.201.07Be Like the Squirrel, Earl. Be like the Squirrel.Ipso Facto
-0.211.29The Butcher of Ashton KutcherIpso Facto
-0.491.04Just gotta go sick up a pix packIpso Facto
-0.601.11The New Cure for Babies with RabiesIpso Facto
-0.510.99Like a Baboon with a PG-13 Rated HarpoonIpso Facto
-0.450.75wheel chariots of fireIpso Facto
-0.140.61episode 7G24: gumby picks up a hookerIpso Facto
-0.150.82shake it like a salt shakerIpso Facto

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