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-0.851.79special prosecutor's favorite comicHorselover Fat
-0.451.78silverfish dinnerHorselover Fat
1.301.66phlegm for everybodyHorselover Fat
-0.481.33the comic that's no better than the pixels it's printed onHorselover Fat
0.301.49true-life travel tipHorselover Fat
-0.211.33pest strip teaseHorselover Fat
-0.481.80better off not readHorselover Fat
-0.561.44nose hairs in your souffleeHorselover Fat
-0.501.60nux vomica vobiscumHorselover Fat
-0.941.76cf. sec. 4(a)(iii) para. 2Horselover Fat
-1.072.15let's keep those hands above the tableHorselover Fat
-0.171.69at the bottom of the humor chainHorselover Fat
-0.561.74Martha Stewart makes a dandy gimpHorselover Fat
-0.411.24Inna gotta la vita locaHorselover Fat
-0.531.39Holy roman candleHorselover Fat
-0.361.69Boot to the head of the classHorselover Fat
0.111.70KITTENS!! ON FIRE!!Horselover Fat
-0.791.29Capybaras make excellent pudding.Horselover Fat
-0.241.74Intensive Care VacationHorselover Fat
-0.091.60Catwoman a la modeHorselover Fat
-1.061.71Trojan Horse CondomsHorselover Fat
-0.351.95General Tso's choked chicken.Horselover Fat
-0.231.57Strange Gel in a Strange Hand.Horselover Fat
-0.131.41Take me out at the ballgame.Horselover Fat
-0.591.60Birthday caked underwearHorselover Fat
-0.591.62Blue Moon CheeseHorselover Fat
-0.421.81A friend is a terrible thing to wasteHorselover Fat
-0.351.58Have a nice nightmare.Horselover Fat
-0.401.81Head in the classHorselover Fat
-0.981.97It's a mystery wrapped in bodybagHorselover Fat
-0.331.63Supa Milkman sushi happy happy 100%Horselover Fat
-0.441.48Flag off!Horselover Fat
-0.311.66Thunder HosHorselover Fat
-0.821.37Calling AAA collect.Horselover Fat
-0.921.54New England Puppy ChowderHorselover Fat
-0.792.14popcorn quiz, hotshotHorselover Fat
-1.281.832 kibbles and bitsHorselover Fat
-0.951.50Watch the atomic birdieHorselover Fat
0.391.54You have the right to remain soylent.Horselover Fat
-0.721.56Saving Private Parts and Major WoodyHorselover Fat
-0.241.76Paging Dr. FaustHorselover Fat
-0.021.20The silence of the lamb chopsHorselover Fat
-0.461.33Welcome to the Mattress, NeoHorselover Fat
-1.181.56Liar, liar, pants on nitroglycerineHorselover Fat
-1.151.58Pyros for pornosHorselover Fat
-0.821.80winning the smelling beeHorselover Fat

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