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1.601.76The FallNat
1.441.60pistil whipped honey slutCameron
1.431.55ragtime in the rumpus roomSoren
1.411.69chafin' like a bearChickenCow
1.361.71and your little dog, tooVaca
1.301.66phlegm for everybodyHorselover Fat
1.291.76roto-rooter roustaboutSoren
1.272.28dangerous lesionsVeep
1.241.52Damned if you doo-be-doo (do-over)The Light In Chains
1.211.66The Agony and the X-BoxBernt Pancreas
1.181.35thirty percent louder by volumebongthegong
1.181.76the toothbrush in your candy stashVaca
1.181.54Hulk just want to GET SMASHEDBagHead
1.141.74Simplify, Simplify, Semper FiThe Light In Chains
1.121.71It's not the whining, it's the taking partThe Light In Chains
1.091.59white man's bourbonHangdog
1.081.82twice-tripped on frozen formal wearCameron
1.051.43Beating a patch of grass where there used to be a dead horse.Nuke-Marine
1.031.55slim jims for chubby checker(post crash)Bernt Pancreas
1.031.71what goes upThe Light In Chains
1.011.59hoedown ditty shameSquad Car
1.001.85Daring Computer Guy - Works Without an InternetPreloggy
0.991.62not sold in stores at any priceCrisper Than Thou
0.981.75Bringing pufferfish to the potluckThe Light In Chains
0.981.41venomous verbal vomitMingelover
0.981.27Stalking the wily memeThe Light In Chains
0.961.76lawn darts in your sensitive partsIpso Facto
0.961.10frogs in my clogsMingelover
0.961.52Mary Catherine Digs MargarineSquad Car
0.951.10Unidentified crying objectACog

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