RED MEAT the wakeful dead (the hired help)... from the secret files of max cannon
...He suggested you tweet again about the Halloween policy, specifically to distract from all the news coverage about your historic cranio-facial reconstruction and the mushrooms growing in your armpits...
That's crap...pure CRAP. Do I really look like Nicole Kidman from the side?
Only a little. Her sideview is much better than yours though, at least.
They do it on purpose! That's not what I asked for. But I was remarkably calm when I said there might be a lawsuit. It's no big deal...if you have to do it again.
Can we discuss your highly philosophical value system publicly yet?
No. We better save it. Just do the Halloween policy, and make sure it sounds racist enough for my supporters, but not racist enough to be actually called RACIST by the racist enemies of this great country. Leave out anything with the N word...
2018-07-25 14:49:25( Citizen Kielbasa

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