RED MEAT Johnny's Halloween Story from the secret files of max cannon
Okay...a woman starts screaming very loudly in line at a grocery store. She CLAIMS that someone cut 3 of her upper molars out while she was standing in line.
Yes! Exactly. She was just standing there and suddenly she felt a TERRIBLE pain on the upper right side of her jaw...Her mouth was full of blood, and when she put her hand up to it, 3 of her molars were completely missing and her gum had been cut to the bone!!!
3 molars? How is that possible?
They were nowhere around... She was so hysterical people were lining up to strike her. That's a COMPLETE LIE, they said. No one could cut 3 of your molars out while you were standing in line at a supermarket and you not see or hear anything until they were gone! Then the paramedics showed up and took her away, still screaming hysterically...
Were they back molars? What's the moral of the story??
2018-08-11 12:38:50( Scrumptious Pain

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