RED MEAT The Illusion of Choice 2020 from the secret files of max cannon
Which Wall Street Mafia Puppet are you going to be consenting to rule over the masses as Slave Owner In Chief in the 2020 Presidential "illusion of choice" theater for the masses as we all blindly worship our new [s]elected [mis]leader?
Thats kind of a hard call because I really like them both. Trump is a tantruming narcissist who tweets like a 12 year old. He has meme magic and can play 5D Chess because Qanon has a peppermint bung hole that when you lick it you get magic from it. He's gonna save us from the Globalists by firing them, because thats just totally a realistic strategy. He's friends with Putin and Putin rides bears. Bears are cool.
Hillary is really awesome in different ways. She has assassins. Assassins are awesome! Intern talks back? Bayum! Dead mother fucker! No reasonable prosecutor would bring any case unless they have a death wish. Wanna kill someone in the military? Just Benghazi that shit! And then when she takes all of our guns, she can just drone strike the fuck out of us all and kill us dead! It'll be like the Kill Bill movies only she'll have Bill kill us! It'll be wicked! And best of all -- she's a demon who turns all the fickin' frogs gay. Do you understand that?
I like magic ass candy. And gay frogs. Bears are cool, too. And assassins. Assassins are fuckin NINJA!
Ninjas are cool dude.
Fuckin' A!
2018-08-19 13:32:05( Paradigm Shift an Educational Comedy

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