RED MEAT The happiness of oranges..... from the secret files of max cannon
So this lady's sittin' in a booth at th' corner Denny's, right? Drinkin' a cup a CREAMED coffee...even though she was told that it's a very old yesteryear drink that's outta style now...
Th' night wuz movin' along an' all of a sudden...she starts screamin' 'er head off an' says "Oh mah gawd!! Oh mah gawd!! Somebody just slipped me some roofies an' cut 3 a my molars out RIGHT while I was sittin' here drinkin' this coffee!!" She urged the waiter to feel how cold it was. Then she says..."I woke up under th' table with blood in my mouth an' all over th' carpet, an' my gum cut ALL TH' WAY TA TH' BONE...!!!"
Waiter says "Well that ain't all that surprisin'...ya outta watched 'em better. People'll take anything in this's th' worst diner in town..." She says "NO!!!! I wuz just listenin' ta Placido Domingo on my iPhone an' I was knocked out an' mah molars cut loose!!" She continues screamin' an' lookin' fer th' lost teeth under th' table. Folks in th' rest'rant was startin' ta git irritated at bein' interrupted from their country fried steaks...It wuz senior' they was linin' up ta brawl with 'er ta git 'er ta calm 'er down...
2018-08-27 18:52:06( Lido

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