RED MEAT paradigm shift in irrigational comedy from the secret files of max cannon
An' she says "AAAAAAHHHHH!!! AAAAAHHHH!!! Somebody just cut all 3 a my molars out while I was standin' in line here and I didn't see a single thing!!"
That's impossible honey. Molars are very hard to get out. You wouldn't be able to cut 3 of them out fast in a grocery store line..."
Yeah, I know. So the clerk says "What???" and the lady says "Yes! Someone definitely cut 3 of her teeth out. She was just standing in the line when she felt this REALLY, REALLY bad pain on the top right side of her mouth. Her mouth was all full of blood, and when she put her hand up to the spot, 3 of her molars were completely GONE and her gum had been cut to the BONE!!!
Well she must have lost them somewhere else...
They weren't anywhere around and somebody called an ambulance. The lady was completely hysterical and some of the people in the store were lining up to hit and slap her, to get her to calm down...They said "That's an OUTRIGHT LIE, lady! Nobody could CUT 3 of your teeth out while you were just standing in line at the store and you not notice anything until they were gone!!" Then the medics showed up and she was carried away ON A STRETCHER...for testing, they said...and still screaming about her teeth...
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