RED MEAT The Vulgar Latin wars... from the secret files of max cannon
AAARRR, AARRR...Ya've come ta have yer fortune told, I see. .Mmmmmm...Mmmmmmmmm...Yes...I have HEARD of it. Ya kin register on twitter an' contact th' object a yer desires an' follow 'em...ON TWITTER...
...Participate in ev'rything th' person does, jist like ya were there...Ya kin browse th' web with 'em, go shoppin' with 'em at the KOHL'S store......Wake 'em up in the middle a th' night with th' most noxious things ya kin dream up ta say......make comments on things that happin to 'em, IN REAL TIME. "This is REAL TIME communication, be-otch!...Just SAY THIS an' I'll go away!"
Ya STILL SUCK ARSE, but at least yer PART OF IT an' PEOPLE HEAR YA...talkin' a supernat'ral DEMON IN LOVE. There's gold in them thar hills!!! I AM BUCKWHEAT, GODAMNIT!!
I thought you were telling MY fortune?
2018-09-19 18:43:33( Swag Liebermeyer

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