RED MEAT Lord and Turd Aparell from the secret files of max cannon
Was it Sigourney Weaver?
NO. Anyway that's all th' time I have t'day fer tellin' fortunes...Why would ya say that? Sigourney Weaver.......
I don't know. I'm a big fan of hers. It just popped into my head. What was that you were saying before...about the "GORY murder plans"?
Listen kid, I work for the government. I'm a private investigator.... fer the FBI...Ya shouldn't really have any QUESTIONS when yer heard's CLEARLY a large tart citrus fruit.
Was there any nudity?
I found THIS LEMON th' wastebasket a yer home durin' a routine inspection yesterday. Lucky fer you, there were NO FINGERPRINTS on th' weapon.....
2018-09-21 13:37:13( PlasticPig

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