RED MEAT Every clown...... from the secret files of max cannon
I have a brand new keeeeeeeeyyy. It fits EVERYlock. Oh JOY and glory of WINNING and being BORN! DEAR HOLY GOD, PLEASE have mercy on my pitiful soulless soul....
Oh my gosh! Someone at the door? It's only the 3rd of October. It's not Halloween yet! I haven't even bought my candy for Halloween.
You shut the fuck up. I am a sherpa sweater. An ugly little sherpa sweater that shrunk up in the dryer.
No YOU shut the door, Ursula! I'm tired of the song "Blue Skies". I want to listen to a different song! I was told I have a good...
That's more like it. Now what I said was...I said to feed me NOW, or I'll KILL you, and I'll dump your carcass down a laundry chute in an old folks' home....You got that? Call THE POLICE NOW. I'm video recording...
2018-10-03 18:37:04( PlasticPig

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