RED MEAT When in doubt, sound it out...spanish to english, coarse from the secret files of max cannon
Hey you.
Earl! This pot a tea water's boilin' over! Ya fergot yer Ritalin again....
Hey....I was jist...watchin' my favorite movie..."Movie Mogul 2." It's a really good horror flick with lots a tits an' ass, jist like I like. Oooooh. Love that rump...An' th' head came off jist like butter....That's hard ta balieve. Th' address is 1912 Sassafras Lane. That's L-A-N-
EARL!!! Stop talkin' ta yerself an' get this pot offa th' stove!!! Th' potholders're on FIRE!!!
I want FOUR a yer LARGE pizzas, with ev'rything on '' a 2 liter a root beer...whatever kind ya got.....
2018-10-06 16:04:20( Lido

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