Red Meat Construction Set

8795. my only friend, the end (Torgo)
8794. the umpire strikes back (Torgo)
8792. the tiny hands of big brother (Torgo)
8791. The bouyant hopes of the damned (Zeener Diode)
8790. long live laryngitis (bongthegong)
8789. Pudding on the Ritz (therandomthink)
8787. The Temp-hole of Doom (therandomthink)
8786. A plague on words (Interesting Steve)
8785. Aphex twine (Interesting Steve)
8783. Cuckoo Clock Bomb Iran (Preloggy)
8782. Trump the Rump Bump (Preloggy)
8781. gettin' the band back together (Torgo)
8780. ralph bellamy salute (Vitamin X)
8778. Styrofoam Plantation Connection (Afgncaap)
8777. i'm meow meow henrietta lollipop (Afgncaap)
8775. Kaiser Wilhelm Scream (marmelmm)
8774. Pulling the Rug Out From Carpet Bombs (Preloggy)
8773. give a hand for no ply toilet paper (Nuke-Marine)
8772. Whip It, God (Preloggy)
8769. Gets the Hose Again (Preloggy)